Sunday, 24 June 2012

24/6: New Internal Pins

News of four new internal pins has surfaced this week thanks to readers.

LOCOG have issued pins to celebrate the London 2012 festival which started last Thursday and to recognise the anti-doping unit.

LOC0036 - Anti-doping pin
LOC0050 - London 2012 Festival pin

The anti-doping pin shows two sample capsules marked A and B. The festival pin is a smaller version of the retail pin 1065 with the word 'Festival' in pink rather than white.

Meanwhile the ODA have issued two pins, one in the 'Great Team Effort' range, this time marking the Water Polo centre, and the other to recognise the Town Planning team.

ODA0033 - Water Polo centre
ODA0034 - Town Planning

The town planning pin shows the outline of the Olympic Park broken up into the many planning development zones that make up the park. These zones allow the town planning team to easily refer to the approximate locations of the various planning applications that are made across the Park.

I have no information on the issue sizes of any of these pins at the moment.


Pippin said...

So the new Festival pin is LOC0050! If all sequential numbers are being used, that means we are going to see about twenty more LOCOG pins?