Wednesday, 21 October 2009

21/10: 1000 Day To Go Pin Images

Here's a look at the 1000 Day To Go Pins.

There are 5 in the complete set, but the Paralympic version will not be available until 3 December as this is the 1000 Day mark for the Paralympic Games.

Each pin uses two of the London 2012 colours - once for the logo and once for the wording panel. They follow the same style as the 4 and 3 Year To Go pins in that they have a large number with a smaller logo and wording.

The pink logo pin (the first in the image) is limited to 10,000 pins and the others to 3,000 as previously reported. They are available to pre-order on the Museum of London website and are priced at £6.50. I know Runners Need will also be stocking these as will Hux777 on eBay.

Thanks to the Museum of London for this information.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

20/10: London at Night Set

At long last the London at Night set is out and it's been worth the wait. It's the first of the high-end collectible sets and is well presented. The 10 pins (all logged in the website inventory) are mounted on a thick card covered in a black felt/velour material and surrounded with a cardboard frame. The whole thing is supported by two cardboard legs attached to the mount by small metal hinges.

The pins and card are enclosed in a black box with pink edges. The whole set measures approximately 41cm x 13.5cm x 1.3cm.

Set - Front view

Set - side view

Close up on frame wording

Close up on corner detail

Outer packaging

Close up on outer packaging detail

Some months ago, a few of these pins appeared and then disappeared on eBay. They were being offered from China and the background seemed a little hazy! Here's a photograph of what was being offered at the time and it now seems that they were the pins before the 'night-time' sky and stars were added.

20/10: Retail Update

In the interests of fairness and thoroughness, I should point out that the Museum of London and Hux777 on eBay are both selling the London at Night set and also that the Museum of London website has been updated with the 1000 Day To Go pins - no pictures - but they have confirmed the fact there are 4 pins in the main colours each limited to 3000 as I reported yesterday.

Monday, 19 October 2009

19/10: Runners Need Update

The Night Scenery set is now available at Runner's Need priced £100. The set is available online and in store. They also have the white logo pin in stock as do the Museum of London.

The 1000 Day To Go pins should also not be too far away. There appear to be four of them - I think in the main 2012 colours and potentially limited to 3000 of each colour. Runner's Need will be stocking them - no timescales as yet, but if not for Saturday 31st (1000 day mark) then hopefully the following Monday. Price possibly £6.50 - yet to be confirmed.

Remember if you order from them that they use Royal Mail for delivery so expect postal delays in the near future!

Saving the best for last... Hot on the heels of the pictograms release last Friday, it looks like pins of the pictograms are not too far away. No definite timescales, but I think we're talking weeks not months. It looks like Adidas shirts with the pictograms will be available in the first couple of weeks and the hope is that the pins will be out around the same time.

I'm hoping that there's some mega release on the 1000DTG mark, but as usual that's my speculation and not fact!

I'm grateful to Stewart at Runner's Need for this update.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

1/10: New stock at Museum of London

The Museum of London has updated it's website with lots of new 2012 pins. They are offering the London Skyline set calling it 'London at Night' as well as the weather set and the new West End set as well as the white pin. The existing Markets and Flowers are there too, but now it looks like almost everything is available online.

Click here for a link

Some of the items are marked 'out of stock' but you can register an interest. I guess they'll have stock pretty soon.

Thanks to Geoff for telling me about the change to their website.