Tuesday, 22 December 2009

22/12: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I would like to say 'Thank You' to all the people who have read and contributed to the website and blog this year. I never thought that when I started this back in the spring that I would reached as many people as I have. In the last couple of weeks the website has been read by over 270 different people in 25 countries across 4 continents, it may not sound much to you, but I'm amazed! I don't have any statistics earlier than December otherwise I'm sure I'd have rivalled the BBC or Amazon websites!

So thank you, please keep writing with information when you have it and share your news with the community.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


22/12: New Internal Pins

LOCOG have issued 3 new internal pins recently.

The first 2 are, I understand, gifts for their staff as a seasonal 'thank you'. They are both silver and show the logo on one pin and the Paralympic logo on the other. Both pins are slightly smaller than the normal logo pins.

The third new pin is the 'Inspire Mark' which will probably be given to certain members of those organisations who qualify for the Inspire Mark.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

1/12: News Update

I was lucky enough to speak to Honav UK today so can give you an update on what's been happening.

Firstly some sponsor pin activity.
  • New pins are now out for UPS, British Airways, Cadbury and Scottish Widows.
  • There are some sponsor Paralympic 1000 DTG pins coming out on Thursday.
  • Both Tier 2 and Tier 3 partners are planning further pins at the moment (I think, though, that we won't see anything until next year (my opinion)
I have pictures and details of all the new pins (9 in all) so will get the inventory updated this week (probably after the Paralympic 1000DTG mark on 3 December).

Now for the LOCOG pins.
  • No date yet on the new packaging for the London at Night set
  • No date for the amended pictograms
  • The 33 London Boroughs (or London Landmarks) set are in design at the moment
Lastly, the ODA have run a pin design competition internally to create a design to support their environmental and sustainability work. The judging is taking place at the moment, so expect another internal pin next year to go with the builder's hats.

Don't forget that the final 1000DTG pin comes out on Thursday to mark the countdown to the Paralympic Games. The Museum of London will be stocking it and Runner's Need will not. I'm not sure about Crest or Hux777. Please mention the London2012Pins.com website when speaking to retailers, it helps to spread the word - thank you.

So, check out the inventory later in the week or over the weekend - it depends how much time I get to upload the new details!

Thank you to Honav UK and the Museum of London for providing information.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

22/11: New Partner & Internal Pins

It's been a bit quiet on the news front lately, but here's an update for the partner and internal inventories.

A new BA 1000 Days To Go pin has been found as well as 3 more of the regional internal pins. Thanks to readers for sharing the information.

Also, on the pin forum, one reader has told us about an Adidas 1000 Days To Go pin, but for now I'm holding off adding it to the inventory until I can get a photo or some more details to verify it's existance.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

4/11: Pictograms & Retailer Round-Up

A quick summary of the pictogram pin situation and retailer position.

There will be 38 Olympic pictogram pins and 21 Paralympic pictogram pins available individually. No mention of any sets yet, but I'm sure they'll be here eventually.

There seems to be an issue over the track cycling and mountain bike pins and these two will be delayed for a while due to manufacturing issues.

The RRP for each pin is £5.00 and the editions sizes are 5,000 for the Olympic pins and 3,000 for the Paralympic pins. So for a whole set you're looking at just shy of £300!

As for the retailers, this is the situation... (in alphabetical order - no favourites!)

Hux777 - is selling the Olympic pins now and plans to have the Paralympic pins

Museum of London - is taking pre-orders for 17 of the Paralympic pins but the website will be continued to be updated with the rest and they hope to have stock in the shop for all pins (apart from the 2 mentioned above) by next Monday.

Runners Need - is only stocking the track athletics pin in their shops. [Edit 6/11: Runners Need will not be supplying any individual pins other than the athletics pin, although will probably stock sets if they are created]

Thank you to all of the retailers above who have been good enough to share details with me over the last 2 days so that I could clarify what's available.

The inventory has been updated with details - no pictures until I get my pins!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

1/11: News Round Up

The blog's been a bit quiet for the last week as I was spending the time getting the website refreshed. I've given it a new theme and improved the menu. Hopefully you'll find it easier to find pins in the inventory as I've split it down by number and category. There's a new article on fake pins and the download section now has the inventory available for download as a PDF.

On the news front...

You will probably have seen that the London at Night set has been withdrawn from sale and is to be re-issued in new packaging. No word on timescales, but I would think we'll see something in a few weeks.

The 1000 day pins came out yesterday, and don't forget they'll be a Paralympic 1000 day pin out on 3 December to complete the set.

I think the pictogram pins are not too far away, lets hope they come as a complete set like the Beijing ones did. The Museum of London website is showing them as coming soon and I think that Runners Need will be stocking them too. I hope to have more news this week.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

21/10: 1000 Day To Go Pin Images

Here's a look at the 1000 Day To Go Pins.

There are 5 in the complete set, but the Paralympic version will not be available until 3 December as this is the 1000 Day mark for the Paralympic Games.

Each pin uses two of the London 2012 colours - once for the logo and once for the wording panel. They follow the same style as the 4 and 3 Year To Go pins in that they have a large number with a smaller logo and wording.

The pink logo pin (the first in the image) is limited to 10,000 pins and the others to 3,000 as previously reported. They are available to pre-order on the Museum of London website and are priced at £6.50. I know Runners Need will also be stocking these as will Hux777 on eBay.

Thanks to the Museum of London for this information.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

20/10: London at Night Set

At long last the London at Night set is out and it's been worth the wait. It's the first of the high-end collectible sets and is well presented. The 10 pins (all logged in the website inventory) are mounted on a thick card covered in a black felt/velour material and surrounded with a cardboard frame. The whole thing is supported by two cardboard legs attached to the mount by small metal hinges.

The pins and card are enclosed in a black box with pink edges. The whole set measures approximately 41cm x 13.5cm x 1.3cm.

Set - Front view

Set - side view

Close up on frame wording

Close up on corner detail

Outer packaging

Close up on outer packaging detail

Some months ago, a few of these pins appeared and then disappeared on eBay. They were being offered from China and the background seemed a little hazy! Here's a photograph of what was being offered at the time and it now seems that they were the pins before the 'night-time' sky and stars were added.

20/10: Retail Update

In the interests of fairness and thoroughness, I should point out that the Museum of London and Hux777 on eBay are both selling the London at Night set and also that the Museum of London website has been updated with the 1000 Day To Go pins - no pictures - but they have confirmed the fact there are 4 pins in the main colours each limited to 3000 as I reported yesterday.

Monday, 19 October 2009

19/10: Runners Need Update

The Night Scenery set is now available at Runner's Need priced £100. The set is available online and in store. They also have the white logo pin in stock as do the Museum of London.

The 1000 Day To Go pins should also not be too far away. There appear to be four of them - I think in the main 2012 colours and potentially limited to 3000 of each colour. Runner's Need will be stocking them - no timescales as yet, but if not for Saturday 31st (1000 day mark) then hopefully the following Monday. Price possibly £6.50 - yet to be confirmed.

Remember if you order from them that they use Royal Mail for delivery so expect postal delays in the near future!

Saving the best for last... Hot on the heels of the pictograms release last Friday, it looks like pins of the pictograms are not too far away. No definite timescales, but I think we're talking weeks not months. It looks like Adidas shirts with the pictograms will be available in the first couple of weeks and the hope is that the pins will be out around the same time.

I'm hoping that there's some mega release on the 1000DTG mark, but as usual that's my speculation and not fact!

I'm grateful to Stewart at Runner's Need for this update.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

1/10: New stock at Museum of London

The Museum of London has updated it's website with lots of new 2012 pins. They are offering the London Skyline set calling it 'London at Night' as well as the weather set and the new West End set as well as the white pin. The existing Markets and Flowers are there too, but now it looks like almost everything is available online.

Click here for a link http://www.museumoflondonshop.co.uk/searchresults.aspx?categoryid=1280

Some of the items are marked 'out of stock' but you can register an interest. I guess they'll have stock pretty soon.

Thanks to Geoff for telling me about the change to their website.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

27/9: New Forum Message Board

I have added a new style of message board to the website. Hopefully you will all agree it's better than what was there before. The old one was a basic system offered by the website hosts, the new one is a separate and more professional system which I can link in to the website.

I'm afraid I wasn't able to copy the old posts across, but I hope you'll agree it was worth it.

I've set up some categories I think will be useful with a section for pin-trading.

You don't have to register to read or post, but I think you'll find it more convenient if you do as it saves having to enter confirmation numbers all the time.

Please let me know if you think there should be some more sections or categories.

You can access the message board via the same website link, or directly at www.london2012pins.freeforumhost.com.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

22/9: News from the Museum of London - New stock coming

I've had an update from the Museum of London. The good news is that they will soon be stocking the weather and teapots pins at £6.99 each I understand. No exact word on when, but I'd say it's close. They hope to get as many in their online store as possible, but don't forget if they're not online, you can still order by phone and in person in the shop.
They will also be trying to stock the white logo pin and Heroes Parade pins - supply permitting.

The even better news is that they plan to sell the London Skyline set (around £125) in the shop and online. No dates, but again I think it's very close. Apparently very nice packaging and a 'high-end collectors piece'.

They will also have a new set which we haven't heard about before. There are 7 pins on a 'West End' theme. All priced at £6.99, I think they'll come out with the weather and teapots (supply permitting).

Images (not photos) of the pins

My sincere thanks to the Museum of London for this information.

Friday, 18 September 2009

18/9: New LOCOG and Sponsor Pins & Other News

I was lucky enough to talk to a couple of representatives from Honav UK yesterday and got some news and photos. I'll update the inventory soon, but here goes...

Back in June, LOCOG held a 'World Press Briefing' for the heads of the media organisations that will be covering the Games. They handed out a pin shown below

I understand that there will be further briefings in the next few years and the future pins will have different colour logos and different media types (e.g. replace the notebook with a camera - my guess, not a fact!). This issue was limited to 300 pins (like the Partner Workshop pin).

Next, the white logo pin - number 6 will be offered for sale to those people lucky enough to be going to the Olympic Park tour as part of the London Open House weekend. But, the more important news is that the pin will be going on retail sale shortly after. I'm guessing the existing retail outlets will be carrying it. No word on price, but I assume it will be around the £7 mark like the other logo pins.

The skyline set is coming soon. The 10 gold pins will probably be issued as a set. It looks like they were almost ready to be issued previously, but something delayed the launch. No exact word on when, but I'm thinking it will be this year. I'm hoping for a tie in with the 1000 day pin, but that's a guess. These pins will be numbers 20-29 as per my rumours page.

There are going to be 2 new internal pins for LOCOG staff only soon - one of the logo and one of the Paralympics logo both in silver. No word on issue size, but not available retail.

Finally, 2 new sponsor pins, both from Tier 2 partners.

The first from Adecco and then another from Deloitte.

The rest of the details I got were updates to issue limits, information about the pin backs and backing cards and the story behind the pink vs. purple pins. We also had a chat about the fake pins that are appearing for sale online. I'll be putting a few short articles together for the website soon.

Honav UK were very helpful and offered lots of information, hopefully this is only the first of many updates I'll be able to bring you in the future. I think there's a lot more to come this year, so as soon as I have something new, I'll post it.

I'll aim to get this new stuff onto the inventory over the next couple of days.

By they way, if you have any questions or issues you'd like to put to Honav UK, feel free to add a comment, use the forum on my website or drop me an email. I'm happy to package up a set of questions and see if I can get some answers.

Monday, 14 September 2009

14/9: Vote for a Pin Design

LOCOG have announced that they'll be issuing pins based on landmarks from the 33 London Boroughs. They have asked for readers to vote for their favourite landmark within a borough.

Take a look at the London 2012 site. Click here to view the article.

You have until Sunday 18th October to vote and the results will be announced at the end of October - maybe on the 1000 day to go anniversary?

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

1/9: LOCOG and ODA Pins

There are two new sets of pins which can be considered as 'internal'. They have been made by Honav UK for LOCOG and the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA). I'll be updating the inventory with details and pictures this week. I'd like to thank a couple of readers - Adam Down and Robert Varoujian for supplying me with information over the last week or so. I'm pulling the details together and will probably add an 'Internal' section to the inventory.

In all there are 4 pins.

Two were limited to 300 each and handed out to participants in a Partnership Workshop held by LOCOG back in February. One pin has the pink logo and one the Paralympic logo. These are the rarest pins issued to date (beating the previous Deloitte issue of 500)

The other two pins are unlimited and issued by the ODA with a builder's hat in yellow and either a blue logo or Paralympic logo. Approximatley 6,000 of these have been made so far.

Inventory updates and photos to follow

1/9: Inventory Update - Weather and Teapots

I've finally updated the inventory with the weather and teapot pins issued last week. Sorry it's taken so long this time, I was on holiday and then had issues with the post, but I finally got them today so managed to catalogue, photograph and post this evening.

I've listed the available date as 20 August as I think this is the first time they were available for purchase. If anyone disagrees, please post a comment.

I've had problems identifying or describing the teapot styles, so if anyone can point me towards a teapot classification website (!) let me know. I want to improve on "Teapot 1".

I notice this is the first time we've seen the white logo used as part of a pin (other than as Pin 6) and also the first time we've seen the Paralympic logo in white. I think the white works really well in these designs and allows us to see the Olympic rings and Paralympic logo.

Also, we've seen a new retailer get the pins first. For the first time the pins have been solely available on eBay rather than one of the shops used previously. Is this perhaps a move to ready us for an online shop later this year. It'll be interesting to see when the pins appear in the Museum of London. I've always maintained that I'm not here to promote any particular seller and have used Runners Need, Crest and the Museum of London before al with no problem. For any of you who would normally use a shop to purchase and do not use eBay, I can honestly say I had an easy and trouble free purchase from hux777 on eBay. The communications were good, delivery was quick and the pins were perfect. This isn't an official endorsement, but my personal experience was good and I will use them again. I'm adding an entry to the Links page of the website as in my mind they've been established by LOCOG as a retailer and you can see their store by clicking this link

Monday, 10 August 2009

10/8: White Pin No6 - Sold on eBay for £258

In case you missed it, a white logo pin, (No. 6) sold on eBay today for £250 (in a pair with the 3YTG). Looks like this is the highest price for a London 2012 pins so far.

Shortly after another was listed (by a different seller id) starting at £230 and finishing on Saturday. Will this be a new record??

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

3YTG Sold Out

According to a twitter feed on the London 2012 website today, all 3000 3YTG pins have sold out. Certainly Runners Need sold out after about 2 days but at the time of writing the Museum of London shop still show the pin as available.

There's also a news item on the Museum of London website homepage about the launch of the pins last week.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Monday's 3 YTG Launch Event

As well as launching all the new pins on Monday, LOCOG arranged a small event at the Museum of London where they handed over the 3 YTG pin into the museum's Olympic archive.

The photo shows Professor Jack Lohman, Director of the Museum of London (left) accepting a frame of London 2012 pins (including the 3YTG pin) from Mr Jack Chen, CEO of Honav (third from left). The lady in the middle is Anna, LOCOG Licensing Manager. I'm afraid I didn't get the name of the lady on the right, but I believe she is from Honav UK.

The exciting part is that the frame contained the skyline set of pins. It looks like they will be available to buy in due course, maybe as a set. I'm reading between the lines here, so don't take this as gospel. The pins were on general display so there's no speculation on whether they exist now. Remember where you read the rumour first!!

Here's a close up of the pins. Sorry for the poor image, the reflections were hard to work with!

The buildings are
  • Royal Naval College
  • Tower Bridge
  • St Paul's Cathedral
  • Big Ben
  • Houses of Parliament
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Marble Arch
  • Albert Memorial
  • Kensington Palace
No dates available on when they may be sale or where.

I had a chance to talk to some LOCOG and Honav people. I must say they were all very friendly and supportive and we're keenly aware of the importance of pin collecting. There was a leaflet available, issued by LOCOG, all about pin collecting. I will scan a copy and add to the website. I don't think there's any copyright issues over doing that as the leaflet is free.

There's no hard and fast plans but someone from Honav did mention pin collecting events that they invited 'hard-core' collectors too in the past and it definitely sounded like they would be considering possible events for London 2012. Again it's me interpreting what was said, so no promises.

I did ask if there were any more pins coming out soon (as if 29 on one day wasn't enough) and it seems like there's more to come in the next few weeks. Once again, no dates, but Anna did mention the weather set on her blog (we've had that on the website's rumour list for a week or so) and also teapots. If you consider those sets and the skyline set and look at the gaps in the numbering sequence, I think there's more to come, and I don't think we're going to have to wait until the 2YTG to see them!

Monday, 27 July 2009

New Pins Launched Today

London 2012 launched a number of new pins today along with the 3 YTG pin at the Museum of London.

In addition to the countdown pin, there were pins on the themes of London Markets, Music, Flowers, Punk and Guards.

I'm updating the website tonight and tomorrow, so please be patient while I get the pictures and inventory listings up there. I'll get it done as quickly as possible. I'll get the pictures done first, then the inventory.

Once the inventory is up to date, I'll update the blog with some information I found out today about sponsor pins and potential pin collecting events.

Also - the gold skyline set was there, and it looks like it will be available soon. I'll update the website (and the blog) with more details once the new pins are added.

Keep checking back all this week, they'll be more...

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

3YTG Pin - Photo and Details

The 3 Year To Go Pin will be launched on Monday 27th July as expected and will be limited to 3,000 pieces (the 4YTG was limited to 5,000). The style of the pin follows on from last year's with a large '3' and a smaller 2012 logo, this time in orange whereas last year's was pink.
Not all of the 3,000 pieces will be available to the public as some will be given to British atheletes and officials.

As previously stated, the pin will be available from Runners Need and Crest of London from Monday.

Monday, 20 July 2009

New EDF Pins

Some news from EDF. One reader sent me 2 photographs of EDF pins. One of the pins has been 'doing the rounds' on eBay and to be honest I was sceptical of its authenticity. The other appears genuine. Both pins have engraving on the back, but one is of better quality than the other.

Both pins were received from EDF in the UK.

EDF have confirmed that both pins are genuine (although I still feel that one of the photographs is of a copy, but that's only my opinion).
Take a look at the partner pins section of the inventory for details and pictures.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

More 3 Year To Go Pin News

Following on from my previous post about the 3YTG pin, I've spoken to Runners Need and here's what I found out.

They WILL be selling the 3YTG pin at the RRP of £6.50. It's a limited edition (not able to state the edition size) but they will have a small allocation of pins. They will be available in store (Canary Wharf and Kings Cross shops only) and by mail order. They'll be displayed online, but not available to order online.
The pins should be available from Monday 27th July.
Their website is www.runnersneed.co.uk and you can contact the mail order department on 020 7278 9486.
The guys at Runners Need have been very helpful in supplying this information, so please support them by buying your pins there. If you want to mention your heard about them through the London2012Pins website, that would be good too!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

3 Year To Go Pin News

I contacted the 'Open Weekend' team in LOCOG today to ask about Open Weekend pins and 3 YTG pins (I can't claim credit for the idea, it came from a reader).

I found out that there are no Open Weekend pins going to be available (there weren't for last year's so no surprise there). They did say that there would be a 3 YTG pin available from Monday 27th July (the actual 3YTG date). They said that the pins would be available from Runners Need or Crest of London.

I then phoned Runners Need and they confirmed that they had heard of a 3 YTG pin (the person thought just one design), and that they thought they would be selling it, possible via their website.

I guess in that case we'll be looking at anything between £5.99 and £9.99. So keep a lookout on the Runners Need and Crest of London sites (both available from the links page on the www.london2012pins.com website.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Inventory Updates

I've updated the commemorative pins inventory with details about the pin back pattern, the information box detail and the backing card for each pin.

I've also added the 6 mini-pins to the 'unofficial' pages.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

LOCOG Pins in 2007?

As you know I've emailed London 2012 a few times via their website asking for information. Over the last 2 days, I have had replies to my emails (looks like they got bunched up and answered by different people over the course of 2 days).

Anyway, the replies give the standard response that an online store will be open soon and that pins are available from Crest of London and Runners Needs.


2 of the replies mention something along the lines of... ' the pins were made for staff only and to mark the brand launch on 4 June 2007'

Now I thought the first logo pins (in fact any non-bid pins) were not available until the Handover Party last August. So if that's the case, what are the pins made for LOCOG staff back in 2007?

Am I wrong? Were pins available before August 2008? Have I missed something?

What do you think?

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Pin 6 Confirmed

I can confirm that the suggestion that pin 6 and the white logo pin are the same is true. A member of LOCOG has confirmed that the pin exists and is number 6 but - and here's the best news - whilst it is not on sale now, it may be on retail sale sometime between now and 2012.

Obviously things can change, but for now it looks like it may be available one day.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Skyline Set

I've been given new information which confirms that there is a set of gold pins that make up a London Skyline. I'm trying to get some more details and as soon as I have something I'll update with numbers and descriptions.

EDIT - 1/7/09
The inventory has now been updated with all the potential pin information I have.

The skyline set looks like a collection of 10 pins showing key London buildings (some used as Games venues) against a geometric shape and with a Games or Paralympic Games logo.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Range of Gold Pins?

So what could that line of gold in the bottom half of the frame be?

I was wondering about this, until I saw a new pin on eBay today. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to show the image from eBay, so I won't post a picture. Suffice to say it's gold in the shape of Big Ben with a large and bright 2012 Paralympic logo. No other colours.

I 'think' I can see such a shape in the line of gold somewhere in line between pins 1 and 2 in the top row. I think I can see a Buckingham Palace and St Paul's too, but I may have just had too much sugar today!

What do you think - do we have a range of London Skyline pins out there?

Is this pin number 6?

One sharp eyed reader spotted a photograph on the Honav website. In it, Jack Chen (CEO of Honav) is presenting a frame of pins to Jacques Rogge. The first 5 pins in the frame look to be pins 1 to 5 (the 4 coloured logo pins and the Paralympics pin). The 6th pin however - could it be the mysterious white pin. Given it's position in the frame, is it pin 6?

(Click on the image to enlarge)

This appears to be photographic confirmation that pin 6 is the white pin and it's for IOC members only.

Any thoughts?

As for the bottom half of the frame and that line of gold - read on?

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Is this the mini-logo pin ?

We have heard the rumours about the mini-logo pin and also (probably) seen the 6 logo pins being offered on eBay. Are they one and the same?

I was sceptical about the 6 logo pins on eBay (especially after buying another set of pins from China which were of poor quality and, in my opinion, possibly fake). I was also sceptical because the seller told me the pin numbers were 20 - 25. Why would LOCOG issue the 4 colour logo pins, the Paralympics logo pin and the Union Flag logo pin again with different numbers.

Curiosity got the better of me, the price came down, so I jumped in and bought a set.

They arrived today and on closer investigation I'm impressed. If they're fakes - they're good. The quality of the enamel is spot on, and if you rub your finger over the Union flag pin, you can feel where each colour has been printed - just like the original pins. The most noticeable difference though is the size.

(Click on the picture for a close up view)

As a comparison..

The pin on the left (original)
  • Pin number 11
  • 38 x 25mm
  • Reverse markings - 2012-11, <=100000, (R)(C) LOCOG 2008, Honav
The pin on the right (New addition)
  • Pin number 25
  • 23mm x 20mm
  • Reverse markings - 2012-25, <=20000, (R)(C) LOCOG 2008
Note there's no manufacturer marking on the new pin although it does have the triangular pattern on the back. They came in plastic bags, no backing card - no surprise.
Note, also, that the gaps between the 4 numbers in the logo are not punched through like the originals but filled with a 'frost effect'. Would fakes go to that trouble?
Also, each pin in the new set is marked as an edition size of 20,000. The original 5 pins (4 colours and Paralympics) had no edition size.
So, what do you think we have here - a new set (the numbering is in the correct sequence), the mysterious mini-pins, a set of fakes?
Let us know your opinions.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Three Years To Go Pins

Now that we're only a month (and a few days) from the 3 YTG mark, what do you think will be the sources of 3YTG pins?

Has anyone heard of any events around them where a pin might be found. The London 2012 website talks about the 'Open Weekend', but has anyone heard any definite details?

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Mini Logo Pin

I've had a rumour of a mini-sized logo pin. Seems like it was only available to LOCOG staff. Anyone got any information to share?

Pin Number 6 - Where Are You?

You may have spotted that in the line up of Commemorative Pins issued by LOCOG, pin number 6 is missing. As far as I'm aware, no-one has actually seen a pin with the number 6 stamped on the back, but a potential candidate has been mentioned by more than one source now.

We've all seen the 4 colour pins of the 2012 logo (pins number 1-4), but I've had two reports of a white logo pin. It could be pin number 6, it would fit into the sequence as it follows the four colour pins and the Paralympic logo pin.

Apparently this white pin is only available to certain LOCOG staff.

Two New Partner Pins

Two new partner (sponsor) pins have been spotted.

Firstly Deloitte, the official professional services supplier to London 2012 have issued a pin

Also, one of our contributors has seen a GE (General Electric) pin supporting the 2012 Games.

Both pins have been added to the Partner Pins inventory and there are pictures of both on the website.

Thanks to Tom and George for the details.

Share Any News

Please send me any new pin news you may hear so I can post it here for others to read and also keep the pin inventories up to date. As we get closer to the Games I expect lots more organisations to start releasing pins, so anything you know and can share will be gratefully received.

Blog Details Transferred to Website

Now that the website is up and running, I thought it was time to clear out the bits and pieces on this blog. All of the information that I tried to pull together here has been move to the website as it's easier to use in that form.

From now on, I plan to post here when the website has been updated and, more importantly when I get some new pin news.