Friday, 30 July 2010

30/7: BP Pins for Open Weekend

As part of last week's Open Weekend, it looks like BP issued a couple of pins to mark the occasion.

No word yet on how many were issued but I'm trying to find out. Did anyone see these at an Open Weekend event?

Update 8/8/10: I can now confirm that in fact 5 pins were issued in this set, the Olympics Games logo in the main main colours plus the Paralympics logo version. Check out the inventory for photos of all 5.

30/7: London Landmark Design

Thanks to Tom for pointing this out to me. The 10 new London landmark pins launched this week, all fit together in the same way as the London at Night set to form a skyline.

I like the City Hall one, and hope Boris is promoting these amongst his staff! I'm surprised by some of the locations chosen and would have hoped that the London Eye would have figured on one of them. Maybe that landmark will be on another set one day.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

28/7: Potential Merchandise (Not Pins this time!)

Not strictly a pin story but...

While I was waiting for the store launch yesterday, I met two guys from BL Sports. Their company is producing some of the bags that we'll be able to buy. They were kind enough to show me some of the pre-production products and let me take some pictures which they say are OK to share on the blog, so here goes...

Remember these are still in pre-production, so I presume subject to change. No word on dates that any of these may be available.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

27/7: Shop at St. Pancras

I went along to the opening of the St. Pancras shop today. All in all an excellent new source of 2012 merchandise. They seem to have lots of the existing items and a new range of clothing too.

Chris, the manager, was very helpful, so I recommend you get down there when you have the chance.

Here are some photos of the shop exterior and interior as well as Boris Johnson and Lord Coe's speeches.

Shop front

Shop sign close up

Media attention

Boris and Seb speeches

Finding something to cut the ribbon

Not these!!

Sports clothing

Pin Wall

Branding and styling behind the tills



This is just a flavour, there's more shelving with polo shirts, rugbys, tees etc. as well as gifts, keyrings and the like.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

18/7: Picture of Mandeville Mascot Pin

Following on from Friday's post, another kind reader has sent me a photo of both the Wenlock and Mandeville pins on card.

Friday, 16 July 2010

16/7: New Wenlock Pin (Available 27 July?)

Thanks to a reader, here's a look at the Wenlock pin given to internal staff back in May. If rumours are true, then this pin should be available to the rest of us at the 2 year to go mark. It's from a limited run of 5,000.

At first glance, it looks like the Wenlock pose is the same as the boxed set pin but the background and logo colour has changed. At the moment I cannot tell if the mascot is larger or smaller than the original.

There was a Mandeville pin issued too, so if anyone has a photo they would like to share, please mail it to

Friday, 9 July 2010

9/7: 2 Years To Go and London Landmark Pins

Thanks to the Museum of London (click here for their shop) here's news of the 2 Years to Go pin available from 27th July.

The pin will be limited to 3,000 pieces like last year's and is available to pre-order from the Museum of London now. I presume the online shop will add it to their site soon.

The Museum was also kind enough to share news of the London Landmark range available soon. We've seen some of these floating around on eBay from abroad, but here's confirmation of the full line.

The Museum will be stocking these in due course and once again I expect we'll see them at other retailers and in the online shop.

No word on edition size or price for these pins yet. The pin numbers are 0056 - 0065.

Hopefully, this is just a selection of what we may see this month, as the online shop promised mascot items this month and we already know that the Wenlock and Mandeville pins issued internally to LOCOG staff back in May are due out at the 2 year to go mark.

Correction 27/7/10: Only the Wenlock pin was issued on 27/7/10, the Mandeville pin will come out on 29/8/10 in line with the Paralympics 2 year to go milestone.

Monday, 5 July 2010

5/7: Pride Pins on the Website

My Pride pins arrived today from the online shop. They're very simple but colourful.

Interestingly, the blue logo pin is from a a limited edition of 10,000, but the Paralympic logo pin is from an edition of only 2,012 making it one of the rarer retail pins. Time will tell if this affects it's price nearer the Games.

I'm looking forward to seeing the next pins from the Diversity range.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

1/7: Pride London Pin

Looks like there will be 2 pins released in connection with Pride London this weekend. It's the first pin in a set of six to recognise diversity.

Here's a picture from Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson's Twitter feed.

It seems they'll be on sale at Pride London on Saturday and from the online shop.

Thanks to Jordan for pointing out the news.

Update: Pins are now available on the online shop - click here