Tuesday, 29 November 2011

29/11 - Sold Out Pins - Update

The kilt pin (0581) has now sold out, so the only stocks that remain are with retailers. This pin was limited to 2,012 pieces and has sold out in 3 months.

This seems a good time for a round-up of all the sold-out pins. If you need any of these for your collection, act quickly!

Pin No Description Issue Size

0127 Countdown - 3 Years To Go 3,000
0216 London Boroughs - Lambeth 3,000
0222 London Boroughs - Southwark 3,000
0230 Mascots - Wenlock (Launch Pin) 2,012
0231 Mascots - Mandeville (Launch Pin) 2,012
0232 Mascots - Wenlock 5,000
0233 Mascots - Mandeville 5,000
0535 London 2012 Shop 2,012
0581 Emblems of Scotland - Kilt 2,012
0586 Team GB - Logo (Gold) 2,012
0587 Team GB - Logo (Silver) 2,012
0590 Team GB - Square - White 50,000
0593 ParalympicsGB - Small Oval - White 50,000
0629 1 Year to Go - Wenlock and 1YTG Sign 1,000
0630 1 Year to Go - Mandeville and 1YTG Sign 1,000
0800 Countdown - 2 Years To Go 3,000

Remember too that all countdown pins have been removed from sale, although some can still be found on certain websites.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

13/11: New Logo Set

Earlier this month, a new set of logo pins was produced. This one contains new versions of the familiar Union Flag and White logos, but in addition, the Paralympic logo is now available in white.

Pins 0689, 0444 and 0443
The pins are each limited to 1 million pieces and are larger than the original pins being 27x31mm. Although there are 1m of each pin, there's no word on how many sets will be issued. The pins are presented in a box with an orange base and black lid with logos printed on the box lid in silver. They went on sale on 1st November priced £20, but for now they are exclusive to British Airways long haul flights and the BA High Life shop. No word yet on whether these pins will ever be available individually.

13/11: Get Set Mascots

Earlier this year, LOCOG ran a competition under their Get Set programme for schools to design a look for Wenlock or Mandeville which represented their local community or region. You can read more about the competition here.

Those designs have been turned into pins which will be available from next week.

Pin 1024 - Wales

Pin 1025 - South West

Pin 1026 - Northern Ireland

Pin 1027 - East of England

Pin 1028 - East Midlands

Pin 1029 - Scotland

Pin 1030 - Yorkshire 
Pin 1031 - West Midlands

Pin 1032 - South East

Pin 1033 - London

Pin 1034 - North East

Pin 1035 - North West

Each pin is limited to 50,000 and initially they will be exclusive to John Lewis, no word on price yet.

Friday, 11 November 2011

11/11: 2012 Pin Meet - Number 1

Get your diaries out, we have a date for the first pin meet of 2012!

With support from John Lewis and Honav, we have been able to set up the first pin meet for the New Year.

Date: Saturday 21st January 2012
Venue: The Stadium Suite, John Lewis, Westfield Stratford City
Time: Still to be confirmed, but I'm hoping 11am to 4pm approximately

When the first concept images of the London 2012 shop in John Lewis were shown, a number of collectors commented that it seemed a good place for a pin meet. A few months later and I'm pleased to say that John Lewis are supporting the pin community by hosting a meet in their store.

Of course, this will be an 'open-door' event and therefore the public will be able to take a first hand look at pin collecting and join in if they fancy. John Lewis will be advertising the event beforehand and so I hope that we may get a good number of people to see what pin collecting and trading is all about.

It's still in the early days of planning so I've no idea what, if anything, may be on offer on the day. I will however be talking to our favourite sponsors to see if they may be able to support us. If anyone has any ideas for the day or is able to generate some interest (or pins) from their sponsor contacts, please feel free to pitch in.

So, please put the date in your diaries and as usual let me know if you plan to attend by dropping an email to info@londonpins.co.uk. As usual any freebies from sponsors that are limited in number will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, so get your names down. Even if you're a regular or have said you plan to come along to the next meet, please drop me an email.

Let's see if we can get the number of pre-registered collectors up into the 30s or 40s this time.

11/11: New ODA Park Pins

On Wednesday, 2 more in the ODA Olympic Park series of pins were released. These pins recognise the Structures, Bridges and Highways (SBH) team.

Pin ODA0029

Pin ODA0030

As with previous ODA Park pins, they come in Olympic and Paralympic varieties and show a cross section through a bridge (I think - Pippin help me out please!). They were issued at a 'Thank You' event on Wednesday. There are a number already on eBay!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

10/11: All Countdown Pins to be Withdrawn from Sale

Honav have announced this afternoon that next Tuesday (15th November) ALL countdown pins issued to date will be withdrawn from sale. This includes all 'Year To Go' and 'Days To Go' pins and also covers the 'Shard' and mascot versions. Not only will no more be sent to retailers, but also any existing stock that is with the retailers will be returned. This means that if you still want to buy any of the countdown pins issued so far individually, you have until the close of business on Tuesday to get them.

The 3 YTG, 2YTG and 1 YTG 'Peep' pins have already been marked as sold out, but there are still some left with retailers. From next Tuesday, these will be unavailable too.

This is not the last time you'll ever see these pins as I understand that full countdown sets may be available at some later date, presumably once the Games have started and there's nothing left to countdown! But if you need to fill a single gap in your collection, act before next Tuesday.

Monday, 7 November 2011

7/11: More Sell-Out Pins

News from Honav today that 3 more pin styles have sold out.

The 1 Year to Go Mascot 'Peep' pins (0629 and 0630) and the gold Team GB pin (0586) have all now sold out. There were 1,000 of he countdown pins issued and 2,012 of the Team GB pin,

Please remember that 'sold-out' in this case means that there no further stocks with the manufacturer, that's not to say that there is not remaining stock with some retailers.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

3/11: Olympin 2012 Pins On The Way

The guys at Olympin tell me that for all those UK members signed up for the 2012 membership year, the club pins are on the way. They were mailed earlier this week, so should be arriving soon.

They have also confirmed that the 2 year offer made back in May has now closed and that the price for UK collectors for the 2012 membership will be US$20. This will get you the 2012 club pin and the 2012 membership list.

Those interested can sign up here -  Click here for an online application form in Google Docs.

3/11: More John Lewis Promotion Events

Following on from last weeks successful promotion in their store on Oxford Street, there are further events in 2 more John Lewis stores over the next week.

Saturday 5th November - Welwyn Garden City
Saturday 12th November - Liverpool

The format will be similar to the London event with the promotion of some of the pin ranges and the chance to win a pin by answering some quiz questions. Both events run from 11.30am until 2pm.

If you get a chance to visit either event, please fell free to leave a comment on this post to let us know how it went.

Just for the record, I'm not receiving any payment for promoting these events, not even a set of John Lewis pins :-), and I know they read this blog!