Monday, 2 December 2013

1/12: Documentary Request

I had and email from a television company asking if I knew of any collectors who would be interested in the chance of appearing in a documentary on Channel 4.

Here is the email...

I’m working on the next series of The Hoarder Next Door for Channel 4. This series looks at both hoarders and collectors, drawing a clear distinction between the two, and examines how people’s lives and homes can be affected by their habits or hobbies.

With hoarders, we take a psychological approach, working with individuals both on screen and off screen with a therapist to address the compulsion to hoard.

However, the reason I am contacting you is that we also look at the homes of avid and passionate collectors; people whose prized and carefully cultivated collections are competing for living space within their homes. We offer them the services of our de-clutter experts to help re-organise the collection, freeing up further living space, or perhaps room to display their collection in a more attractive way. The purpose is to take a positive look at collections and collectors; and through the process of providing practical help, celebrate the individual collections as something wonderful to have.

I was wondering if you knew of any UK based collectors or if you had a collection yourself?

My direct line is 0207 424 7710 should you have anyone in mind. Or alternatively it would be fantastic if you would forward my email onto anyone who you feel might be interested in hearing more about the series.

Thank you again for your time & best wishes.

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In anyone is interested, get in touch with them directly (please mention that you heard about them through London Pins) and take it from there. Just be sure to let us know if you make an appearance on TV!