Tuesday, 25 February 2014

25/2: Potential Pin Meet - Olympic Park 5th April 2014

Who's up for an open air pin meet on the day that the south part of the Queen Elizabeth Park opens to the public - Saturday 5th April 2014. Read more about QEOP here.

Rather than go to a specific venue, I was thinking that we could meet up at an agreed location (for example at the Orbit) and then find some benches or a patch of the park, and set out a few bags of pins.

I think we'd mainly trade between each other, but you never know, if there's some interest, we could think about going back a month later or so. As the park opens that day, there should be some good footfall and maybe some press interest.

So, who fancies coming along with their pins, a rug, some sandwiches and an umbrella (essential British travelling items).

I suggest we meet at 12pm at a location to be agreed and then take it from there.

Please 'sign-up' by way of a comment below and leave any suggestions as to where would be a good meeting point - easy to find but fairly specific please.

If we get enough people, then I'll post something here nearer the date with specifics.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

12/2: Team GB Sochi Pin - Official Team Pin

Thanks to a reader 'in the know', I can now share details of the official team pin given to Sochi athletes. Visually, it's almost identical to the retail one mentioned in the previous blog post.

Internal Team GB Pin

Retail Team GB Pin

The main difference between them is the internal pin does not have the excess metal around the rings and 'Sochi 2014'. The rear of the internal pin is marked 'Better Never Stops' just like the London 2012 internal pins issued to the athletes. The internal pin is also a gold colour. I have no information on the manufacturer of either version or issue sizes of each pin.

Many thanks to the reader who got in touch with the details and the image.

UPDATE: The retail pins available from the Team GB shop have the back stamp 'Better Never Stops' and not GBPINS14 as first thought.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

9/2: Team GB Pin for Sochi 2014

For those of you London 2012 collectors who, like me, also collect Team GB pins, you may be interested to know that a new retail pin to support our team in Sochi has just been released.

Image reproduced from Team GB shop website

The pin is available from the Team GB shop (click here for the link) for £5. Whilst it is a retail pin, the style looks identical to the internal pin TGB0004 issued for London 2012. Presumably, the athletes in Sochi have a different design as their 'team pin'.

As far as I know this pin is only available in the gold colour with no silver variety as we saw in London 2012.

The back of this pin is marked GBBPINS14 I believe - the same as the product code shown on the shop website.