Wednesday, 27 July 2016

27/7: Team GB Pins - Sponsor and British House

News today of some non-retail pins that are being issued in connection with Team GB and Rio 2016.

The first is a sponsor pin from Camelot / ITV and features both company logos together with the Team GB logo and the slogan 'I AM TEAM GB'

I have no details on pin reference or size as yet, but there are only 200 of these in circulation

A second Camelot / ITV pin is also due out, and there will be 1,000 of these. More details soon I hope.


The other pin announced today is the 'British House' pin. This pin is only available to delegates, athletes and guests who visit the Team GB British House in Rio. There are 4,200 of these in circulation and 200 of them will be available for retail but are not part of the Team GB retail series. This pins are sure to be popular with collectors due to their rarity.

I do not have a pin image but the design is shown below.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

3/7: Pride the Lion Sports Pose Pins

Team GB have released 4 new Pride the Lion sports pose pins. A few weeks ago, the Golf pin was issued, and that is now followed by rugby, athletics, gymnastics and diving.

5 sports pose pins
The pin references are:
  • Golf - TS005
  • Rugby - TS006
  • Athletics (Javelin) - TS009
  • Gymnastics (Pommel Horse) - TS010
  • Diving - TS011
All the pins are limited to 500 pieces and all available now from the regular sources.

There should be a few more designs to follow.