Wednesday, 3 August 2016

3/8 - British House - Pin Image

Just for completeness, heres an image of the British House pin mentioned in a previous blog post

The pin measures 28mm x 23mm and is not backstamped.

There are a few of these available retail from Great British Collectables

3/8 - I AM TEAM GB Pins - Camelot/ITV

As I mentioned in an earlier post, a second 'I AM TEAM GB' pin issued by the National Lottery (Camelot) does exist.

The pin on the left is backstamped IAM001 but the one on the right is not backstamped at all.
The first pin measures 28mmx24mm and the second pin 27mm x 18mm.

Thes epiks are not available for retail customers and I have no information on the issue size.

3/8 - More Team GB Pride Sports Poses

Another 7 pins have been released which show Team GB's mascot, Pride the Lion in a series of sports poses. These pins use the drawings first seen at London 2012 in the round pin format.

Pride the Lion Sports Poses

The new pins show the following sports

  • Archery - TS013
  • Fencing - TS014
  • Handball - TS015
  • Show Jumping - TS016
  • Basketball - TS017
  • Cycling - TS018
  • Boxing -TS019
Each pin is limited to 500 pieces and measures 22mm in diameter