Sunday, 27 June 2010

26/6: Quick Roundup

I know I've been a bit quiet this month, pin news has been quiet and home life has been hectic, but here's a quick round up of some news (most of which you probably already know!)

eBay has been active with BMW pins!! Anything from around £16 to £64 for the new BMW pin.

A Lloyds Banking Group pin has surfaced on eBay (note it's not Lloyds TSB). It was gold coloured with what appeared to be 3 stacked boxes on it. The number was LLY0001 - so a new numbering series (not the LTSB series anymore) which reflects the changes at Lloyds over the last year or so.

I've heard rumours of a London Buildings set to be released soon - this isn't the London at Night set re-issue, but new designs I believe.

Finally, you all know that it's 2 Years To Go on July 27th, but hands up who noticed that it's 750 Days to Go on July 8th? I wonder if we'll see a pin for this countdown milestone too?

I'm hoping that the new issues will pick up over the next few weeks until 27 July. Remember last year, there were quite a few pins issued around the 3YTG mark, so here's hoping.