Sunday, 1 June 2014

1/6: New pins discovered

Updated: 8/6 - correction and supplementary details to Indian language pins.

Even 2 years after the Olympic and Paralympic Games, there are still some pins only now coming to light.

New BA Pin Version
An alternate version of the BA Language pin for India has been discovered.

BA0005 (India) - Hindi (Top) and Punjabi (Bottom) versions

The original issued in 2012 was in Hindi (the text reads 'Namstey' - a Hindu greeting) and the new version is in Punjabi (the text reads 'Sat Sri Akal' - a Sikh greeting). At the time of its release, I was told that there were 100 of the original pins. The new pin has turned up on eBay and the seller states that there were only 20 of the later version made.

The new version has been added to the BA page on the catalogue

Two Prototypes
At the pin meet in April, collectors shared two pins we believe to be prototypes that never went into production.

A pin from Cisco stamped on the back as CIS0001. The actual CIS001 used a similar white design but on a shard shape background. This is a Honav pin.


A panasonic logo pin from Aminco