Monday, 29 June 2009

Skyline Set

I've been given new information which confirms that there is a set of gold pins that make up a London Skyline. I'm trying to get some more details and as soon as I have something I'll update with numbers and descriptions.

EDIT - 1/7/09
The inventory has now been updated with all the potential pin information I have.

The skyline set looks like a collection of 10 pins showing key London buildings (some used as Games venues) against a geometric shape and with a Games or Paralympic Games logo.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Range of Gold Pins?

So what could that line of gold in the bottom half of the frame be?

I was wondering about this, until I saw a new pin on eBay today. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to show the image from eBay, so I won't post a picture. Suffice to say it's gold in the shape of Big Ben with a large and bright 2012 Paralympic logo. No other colours.

I 'think' I can see such a shape in the line of gold somewhere in line between pins 1 and 2 in the top row. I think I can see a Buckingham Palace and St Paul's too, but I may have just had too much sugar today!

What do you think - do we have a range of London Skyline pins out there?

Is this pin number 6?

One sharp eyed reader spotted a photograph on the Honav website. In it, Jack Chen (CEO of Honav) is presenting a frame of pins to Jacques Rogge. The first 5 pins in the frame look to be pins 1 to 5 (the 4 coloured logo pins and the Paralympics pin). The 6th pin however - could it be the mysterious white pin. Given it's position in the frame, is it pin 6?

(Click on the image to enlarge)

This appears to be photographic confirmation that pin 6 is the white pin and it's for IOC members only.

Any thoughts?

As for the bottom half of the frame and that line of gold - read on?

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Is this the mini-logo pin ?

We have heard the rumours about the mini-logo pin and also (probably) seen the 6 logo pins being offered on eBay. Are they one and the same?

I was sceptical about the 6 logo pins on eBay (especially after buying another set of pins from China which were of poor quality and, in my opinion, possibly fake). I was also sceptical because the seller told me the pin numbers were 20 - 25. Why would LOCOG issue the 4 colour logo pins, the Paralympics logo pin and the Union Flag logo pin again with different numbers.

Curiosity got the better of me, the price came down, so I jumped in and bought a set.

They arrived today and on closer investigation I'm impressed. If they're fakes - they're good. The quality of the enamel is spot on, and if you rub your finger over the Union flag pin, you can feel where each colour has been printed - just like the original pins. The most noticeable difference though is the size.

(Click on the picture for a close up view)

As a comparison..

The pin on the left (original)
  • Pin number 11
  • 38 x 25mm
  • Reverse markings - 2012-11, <=100000, (R)(C) LOCOG 2008, Honav
The pin on the right (New addition)
  • Pin number 25
  • 23mm x 20mm
  • Reverse markings - 2012-25, <=20000, (R)(C) LOCOG 2008
Note there's no manufacturer marking on the new pin although it does have the triangular pattern on the back. They came in plastic bags, no backing card - no surprise.
Note, also, that the gaps between the 4 numbers in the logo are not punched through like the originals but filled with a 'frost effect'. Would fakes go to that trouble?
Also, each pin in the new set is marked as an edition size of 20,000. The original 5 pins (4 colours and Paralympics) had no edition size.
So, what do you think we have here - a new set (the numbering is in the correct sequence), the mysterious mini-pins, a set of fakes?
Let us know your opinions.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Three Years To Go Pins

Now that we're only a month (and a few days) from the 3 YTG mark, what do you think will be the sources of 3YTG pins?

Has anyone heard of any events around them where a pin might be found. The London 2012 website talks about the 'Open Weekend', but has anyone heard any definite details?

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Mini Logo Pin

I've had a rumour of a mini-sized logo pin. Seems like it was only available to LOCOG staff. Anyone got any information to share?

Pin Number 6 - Where Are You?

You may have spotted that in the line up of Commemorative Pins issued by LOCOG, pin number 6 is missing. As far as I'm aware, no-one has actually seen a pin with the number 6 stamped on the back, but a potential candidate has been mentioned by more than one source now.

We've all seen the 4 colour pins of the 2012 logo (pins number 1-4), but I've had two reports of a white logo pin. It could be pin number 6, it would fit into the sequence as it follows the four colour pins and the Paralympic logo pin.

Apparently this white pin is only available to certain LOCOG staff.

Two New Partner Pins

Two new partner (sponsor) pins have been spotted.

Firstly Deloitte, the official professional services supplier to London 2012 have issued a pin

Also, one of our contributors has seen a GE (General Electric) pin supporting the 2012 Games.

Both pins have been added to the Partner Pins inventory and there are pictures of both on the website.

Thanks to Tom and George for the details.

Share Any News

Please send me any new pin news you may hear so I can post it here for others to read and also keep the pin inventories up to date. As we get closer to the Games I expect lots more organisations to start releasing pins, so anything you know and can share will be gratefully received.

Blog Details Transferred to Website

Now that the website is up and running, I thought it was time to clear out the bits and pieces on this blog. All of the information that I tried to pull together here has been move to the website as it's easier to use in that form.

From now on, I plan to post here when the website has been updated and, more importantly when I get some new pin news.