Monday, 24 May 2010

24/5: More Wenlock & Mandeville pins

It appears than on Mascot launch day, as well as the limited edition pins released in the online shop, 2 more Wenlock and Mandeville pins (numbers 232 and 233) were issued to LOCOG/ODA staff. These pins are from an issue size of 5,000 each and appear to be numbered as part of the standard range rather than from the internal numbering series.

Given their numbers and issue size, it looks like they may be released to the public at a later date?

Thanks to a reader for this information, and hopefully I can add some photos soon.

Update 24/5: A reliable source indicates that these two pins should become available at the 2 year to go mark.

Friday, 21 May 2010

21/5: Modern Pentathlon Pictogram

Whilst not strictly a piece of pin news, it may have a knock on effect on the pins...

The pictogram towel available from the London 2012 shop contains a new version of the Modern Pentathlon pictogram. The pin badge shows a runner and 5 dots to signify the 5 different sports, but the towel has 'mini-images' of all 5 sports.

Perhaps the larger image size available on the towel allowed them to show all the sports. I guess that this image reduced to a pin would not show sufficient detail.

Any thoughts?

21/5: Wenlock and Mandeville

My mascot pins arrived today, so here are some pictures of the boxed set and details card.

The pins come in a card box which is 15.5 x 10.5 x 2cm. The box has a blue bottom and black top and the top has the Olympic and Paralympic logos in silver.

The pins, numbered 230 and 231, and are attached to a black tray which is in the blue box. The pins are polished silver and the rainbow has a glitter effect to it.

The information card is black with silver writing and a silver reverse. The whole thing is sealed within a sellophane wrapper. The back of the box has the standard pin card wording, barcode and hologram.

The website inventory has been updated with the new pins (in a new 'Mascots' section) and the set.

Friday, 7 May 2010

7/5: Two New ODA Pins.

Thanks to a reader here's news of two internal ODA pins that are being issued.

The two cuttings below are from 'Park Life' the internal monthly magazine distributed across the offices and canteens on the Olympic Park. The ODA are producing pins which promote the environment and heath and safety.

Extracts reproduced without permission from 'Park Life' and are the property of the ODA

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

5/5: New Internal Pin

Thanks to one of my readers, here's a photo and details of a new internal pin issued recently. It's the next in the 'Partner Workshop' series.

This is pin LOC0007 and unlike last year, there was only one pin issued this year with both the Games and Paralympic Games logos. Notice that they've used the 'dynamic' pictograms look to draw Tower Bridge. In my view one of the best images so far, I think the 3/4 view of the bridge with the perspective and the coloured lines is fantastic.

I'll update the inventory soon - just waiting for a couple of details.