Friday, 30 January 2015

30/1: Sailing Pin Error

Gary from Tragars Collectables has contacted me to point out that the pin sets for Sailing sold during the Games contain an error. The date printed on the venue pin (1270) is '29/08 - 11/08/2012' whereas the correct dates were 29/07 - 11/08/2012.

It seems that all the sets sold at the time have the error. I've checked my set and the website photo and they are both wrong!

Pin 1270 - Original version with incorrect date

Pin 1270 - With correct date

It appears that the incorrect pin was the first version, Honav spotted it and had the reprint made, but these never made it to the sets.

Gary has a few of the correct version if you are a completist who needs to have the correct version!

Contact him at