Sunday, 22 November 2009

22/11: New Partner & Internal Pins

It's been a bit quiet on the news front lately, but here's an update for the partner and internal inventories.

A new BA 1000 Days To Go pin has been found as well as 3 more of the regional internal pins. Thanks to readers for sharing the information.

Also, on the pin forum, one reader has told us about an Adidas 1000 Days To Go pin, but for now I'm holding off adding it to the inventory until I can get a photo or some more details to verify it's existance.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

4/11: Pictograms & Retailer Round-Up

A quick summary of the pictogram pin situation and retailer position.

There will be 38 Olympic pictogram pins and 21 Paralympic pictogram pins available individually. No mention of any sets yet, but I'm sure they'll be here eventually.

There seems to be an issue over the track cycling and mountain bike pins and these two will be delayed for a while due to manufacturing issues.

The RRP for each pin is £5.00 and the editions sizes are 5,000 for the Olympic pins and 3,000 for the Paralympic pins. So for a whole set you're looking at just shy of £300!

As for the retailers, this is the situation... (in alphabetical order - no favourites!)

Hux777 - is selling the Olympic pins now and plans to have the Paralympic pins

Museum of London - is taking pre-orders for 17 of the Paralympic pins but the website will be continued to be updated with the rest and they hope to have stock in the shop for all pins (apart from the 2 mentioned above) by next Monday.

Runners Need - is only stocking the track athletics pin in their shops. [Edit 6/11: Runners Need will not be supplying any individual pins other than the athletics pin, although will probably stock sets if they are created]

Thank you to all of the retailers above who have been good enough to share details with me over the last 2 days so that I could clarify what's available.

The inventory has been updated with details - no pictures until I get my pins!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

1/11: News Round Up

The blog's been a bit quiet for the last week as I was spending the time getting the website refreshed. I've given it a new theme and improved the menu. Hopefully you'll find it easier to find pins in the inventory as I've split it down by number and category. There's a new article on fake pins and the download section now has the inventory available for download as a PDF.

On the news front...

You will probably have seen that the London at Night set has been withdrawn from sale and is to be re-issued in new packaging. No word on timescales, but I would think we'll see something in a few weeks.

The 1000 day pins came out yesterday, and don't forget they'll be a Paralympic 1000 day pin out on 3 December to complete the set.

I think the pictogram pins are not too far away, lets hope they come as a complete set like the Beijing ones did. The Museum of London website is showing them as coming soon and I think that Runners Need will be stocking them too. I hope to have more news this week.