Monday, 20 December 2010

20/12: Fake ODA Pins

Following investigations and a discussion with an official source, I can confirm that there are 2 fake ODA pins floating around on the pin-trading and eBay circles. These pins are not manufactured by Honav and are not made under licence. They are copies of real pins.

These pins are the Environment pin (ODA0003) and a Heath & Safety pin (ODA0004). These pins originate from China but, in my experience, seem to be appearing in North America. It appears that genuine traders are being caught by these pins, so please be careful. I have seen examples of both and in my opinion, the tell-tale signs are...

  • The text 'Be Considerate' is missing from the pin
  • The indentation around the thumb is missing
  • The top line of the backstamp says 'LOCOB'
  • The backstamp pattern is 'shallow' and uneven

  • The backstamp panel is crooked
  • The centre of the zeros in the backstamp are not cleanly punched
  • The white enamel in the hi-vis jacket is missing
  • The 'London' written in the logo is missing the initial 'L'

Some traders/sellers claim that these are 'first versions' of the ODA pins, but I have had it confirmed that there are no versions/variations of these pins. Honav have created one version of each of these pins which were for ODA internal use only.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

19/12: Merry Christmas and Thank You

I would like to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my readers and their families. Thank you all for supporting me over the last year with snippets of news, photographs, feedback and helpful comments. There are large sections of the website and blog which wouldn't be possible without your contribution.

I hope you like what you have seen this year and as we move into 2011, I'm sure it's only going to get busier with more pins from LOCOG and the sponsors as well as more events. I'm already looking forward to the 500 day to go mark in March and then the 1 year to go in July.

I've been fortunate to have made many news friends this year (even if it is only be email at the moment) and it never ceases to amaze me how friendly and helpful pin collectors are. I've also been lucky enough to have help from key individuals within companies who have provided invaluable information - thank you.

Finally, some statistics for you (Dec09 - Nov10)...

The website has had over 18,400 visits from 84 countries by more than 7,300 separate readers and this news blog has taken over 9,400 hits from 56 countries from over 3,000 distinct readers. In the grand scheme of things it's small, but I'm pleased with what's been achieved this year - here's to 2011.


Sunday, 12 December 2010

12/12: Promotional Event - Tuesday 14th December 2010

Here's some great news for all pin collectors. The London 2012 shop at Paddington station are holding a promotional event on Tuesday 14th December in the afternoon. I understand there will be pin give-aways and there is a rumour that a limited number of an internal pin may be on offer to collectors. Be sure to get the the shop on the upper level of 'The Lawn' at Paddington Station - just above Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

If you manage to get there, please tell them you heard about it from

Please be aware, I'm still waiting on confirmation of an actual time for this event, if I find out before Tuesday afternoon, then I will post whatever information I hear. All information is offered in good faith and I cannot confirm exactly what is on offer. All I can say is that I will be there and think it's worth it.

If anyone feels like bringing some pin trades with them, I'm sure there will be an opportunity for people to swap pins over a coffee.

See you there.

Update 13/12: I've had confirmation that the event will run from 7.30am until 7.30pm

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

1/12: Guards Pins - New Version

We've seen the Guards pins in a couple of versions, well early next year there's a new combination produced for British Airways. The pin set will include 4 Guard pins together with the Union Flag logo pin (0011).

BA Guards Pin Set

There are some differences in the Guard pins from previous versions.
  • the character/logo colour combinations are new
  • the logo positions have changed in some cases
  • the horse is now brown instead of white
  • the marching soldier pin no longer includes the geometric shape
  • the pins are slightly larger than the older versions
There may be more I haven't spotted, feel free to add comments for anything I've missed. Larger images are available in the inventory, the pins are numbered 0415-0418.

The set will retail exclusively through BA on their inflight magazine's website and on their long and short haul flights. No news on whether the set will go to other retailers eventually.

The set will be available from their website on 3 January 2011 and then on long haul flights from 15th January and short haul flights from 1st March.

No word yet on prices.

1/12: Retail Update

News from the Museum of London today that they have stocks of the new mirror pins available in the store and by telephone. They also have replenished stocks of the Lord Mayor's set and Christmas box set.