Thursday, 28 February 2013

27/2: Pin Collectors Survey Results

Back at the start of the year, I blogged about a survey for pin collectors.

I'm pleased to say that Anna has now come back to us, as she promised, with the results of the survey. In all 66 people responded and the survey is still open (see the original post to access it).

The results are very interesting (and amusing in places), and I think we can all recognise elements of ourselves in the replies!

Click on the icon below to access the report which is in PDF format. Most computers should be able to open the file, but if not you can download the free software from the Adobe website

Saturday, 23 February 2013

23/2: New ODA Pins

Ok, so we thought the Games were over, the ODA wrapped up and all those internal pins had been seen. How wrong we were!

Thanks to a reader, 2 more ODA pins have been discovered. These ones were issued by the facilities management team and come in Olympic and Paralympic versions.


Each pin features a saw, plunger, a screwdriver and a hammer in a tool box along with a Games logo. These pins were issued in December 2012 and I have no details on how many of each were issued at present.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

13/2: Pin Trading Lists Up to Date - Sponsor and Internal

At long last, the pin trading lists are as up to date as possible for sponsor and internal pins. All of the additions to the catalogue that have been made since the end of the Games are now reflected in the pin trading lists.

As you can imagine, it's a big update - the sponsor list increased from 269 to 618 pins and the internal list from 105 to 167 pins.

I've tried as far as possible to retain all your wants and offers entries, but as some of the pin references may have changed since before the Games and we found various varieties, I can't guarantee it. Please check your lists and update them as required. Apologies for the extra effort - hopefully it will be minimal.

Click here to access the lists, and if you aren't already signed up and would liek to be a part of it, drop me an email.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

10/2: Partner Pin Updates

More updates to the sponsor pins section of the catalogue this morning.

This time the are updates for the following sponsors...

  • Coca-Cola - addition of retail and joint McDonald's/Coca-Cola pins 
  • GE - additional images and pins
  • McDonald's - addition of joint McDonald's/Coca-Cola pins
with a couple of minor updates to
  • BP - additional pin
  • Deloitte - additional pin
  • P&G - relabelling of all their not Honav pins to WWL- notation
  • UPS - update to a backing card for UPS0027
Thanks to readers for a couple of these updates.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

2/2: Partner Pin Update on Website

I have made another large update to the website this morning. This time, lots of the sponsor pins have been updated.

There are updates for the following sponsors...
Apart from Coca-Cola, all of the sponsor pages list all the pins I know about and all the images I have. If you have pins which you cannot find on ANY sponsor page, or have images of pins that I do not have, I'd be grateful if you could let me know please. The Dow country opening ceremony pins will be updated shortly - I have almost all the images, but haven't uploaded them yet.

Thank you to everyone who has offered information or images. I know it's taken a while for me to get the pages up to date, but hopefully when you take a look at them, you'll think it's been worth the wait!

For those that use it, the Pin Inventory list on the downloads page has also been updated.

Apart form any omissions or corrections on these pages, I'll be moving onto the media pages next.

I also plan to have the pin trading list up to date soon too.