Thursday, 7 October 2010

7/10: Royal Parks Pins - Update 12/10

News today that a set of 8 pins will be released imminently, possibly next week, to showcase the Royal Parks. The pins will be available individually and as a set. There are 3,000 of each pin being produced, with only 500 sets and the rest issued as single pins.

The pins will initially only be available via the Royal Parks, and I hope to have news soon of how they will be sold (maybe online or in their park locations or maybe both). No word yet on prices either. I believe that any remaining stocks will be on general release next year.

The pins are shown below. The design of each pin is such that the outline shape of the park forms the background and then each pin has an image representing the location along with a green 2012 logo. I like this idea which blends the angular shape motif of other 2012 pins with a geographical representation of the park - well done to the design department. The pins also shun the standard 2012 colours for a subtle forest green (based on the images anyway), which I think makes these an excellent set.

Pin 0111 - The Green Park
Pin 0112 - Hyde Park
Pin 0113 - Kensington Gardens

Pin 0114 - St James's Park
Pin 0115 - Bushy Park
Pin 0116 - Greenwich Park
Pin 0117 - Richmond Park
Pin 0118 - The Regent's Park

Once I have more news on the pricing and availability I'll post it here. I'd recommend not hassling the Royal Parks people at the moment as I understand they're working hard on getting these pins out as soon as they can, and hope to be able to promote them next week. Once they are available though, when you order, please be sure to tell them you heard about them on the London Pins website!

Update 12/10 : The Royal Parks website now has the pins available for sale . Take a look at Prices are £6 for the individual pins and £60 for the boxed set. Remember, there are only 500 of the sets available. as mentioned previously, please mention my website if you place an order, it helps me if the retailers know my website is promoting the pins. Thanks!