Monday, 4 April 2011

4/4: Crowns Set - Update

The Crowns set that was to be available from today has been withdrawn temporarily. The price quoted originally was £50 for the framed set. However it appears that the sets that were made available today were actually in a deluxe frame which was to be available at a higher price than £50.

I understand that only Glamorous Living have taken orders so far, and they have confirmed to me that any pre-orders will be honoured at the original price stated. Until the matter is cleared up, they have removed the set from sale.

I believe that the framed set shown above WILL be available, but at an increased price. I also believe that the set will be issued in an amended frame at £50 in due course.

So it appears if you managed to get a pre-order in before today, you will be the proud owner of deluxe framed set at a reduced price.

I'll post more details when I have them.


Bill said...

Looks like I'm the lucky one! My parcel turned up today and it was the luxury job. If I had one complaint it would be that in spite of being in a frame there is no cover for the pins. This kind of thing has been mentioned in the past as it seems quite remarkable that they have mounted the pins into a frame and then leave them open to the elements.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill

Is it worth paying the new price of £150? Where did you get it from and can I still get it at the cheaper price?

Paul said...

Anonymous, have you seen the set at £150 somewhere. Have I missed a retailer?

I doubt you'll get it at the cheaper price. GL have stopped taking orders at the moment I think, and I wasn't ware anyone else had them - but please let me know if I'm wrong and I'll update my original post.

Anonymous said...

I contacted GL earlier and was told that they believed that the new price would be £150, do you know if this is correct?
I wanted to to get a set at the original price, but maybe I have missed the boat!

Paul said...

Anonymous, I heard that price too, just wanted to check I hadn't missed anything. I didn't quote it in the original post as I couldn't be sure what was going to happen to the set and frame options. I think you may have missed the chance. Remember though the set is due to come out again, but probably with a less expensive frame and I think they will aim at the £50 price point.

Bill said...

Lets be honest about it, I don't think that it's worth £150 especially without glass to cover the pins.

Pinmaster said...

How on earth can you justify £150 for 7 pins, I'm collecting pins not picture frames

coinbazaar said...

This set is available from