Friday, 5 August 2011

5/8: National Flowers of the UK

London 2012's first jigsaw set has been released. This attractive set combines the national flowers of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with each countries shape to form a complete set which shows the UK.

Pin 0680

Pin 0681

Pin 0682

Pin 0683

England is represented by the rose, Scotland by the thistle, Wales by the daffodil and Northern Ireland by the shamrock. Pins are not shown here to scale, in other words the Northern Ireland pin is not the same size as the England pin. To give you a sense of scale, the logo on each pin is the same size.

The pins are only available as a set which is limited to 3,000 pieces and the price is £35.


Pippin said...

So what happened to the well established sequence of colours, then?

I would have expected Ireland's pin to have been green, with Scotland's blue .... and then let Wales and England fight over the orange and pink!

Acer said...

I can see someone from Scotland wanting just the thistle and someone from Wales wanting just the daffodil etc. so why would they just have this sold as a set and not as individual pins?

Anonymous said...

£35 that's why

Acer (never Anonymous) said...

I meant that it would be nice to have both!

Tom said...

The nature of puzzle pins means that a set is the way they come!

Pippin said...

... so why are they not sold as individual pins ... I don't know, it's a puzzle to me!

Coin Bazaar said...

This set is available from:

The set is called Floral Emblems of Britain