Sunday, 16 September 2012

16/9: Catalogue Updates

The retail part of the catalogue has been updated tonight with more of the pins issued just before and during the Games. In particular

  • Pride the Lion Sports
  • Team GB/ParalympicsGB venue collection
  • Braille logo
  • Welcome taxi, bus and telephone box
  • Olympic/Paralympic Village
  • Media Centre
  • London Icons/Sports
  • Thank You
  • Chalk Hills
  • Countdown
  • Ceremonies
  • Sports Shots

Pin 1125 - Braille Logo

Some new pins have been listed and some pins that were already listed have had images updated or details added. Click here to see the updated grid.

Now that the Games have finished and I have more time, I will aim to add updates twice a week until the catalogue is up to date.


Jules said...

Thank you for all your hard work in producing this database. It's an invaluable resource and much appreciated. Scary number of pins though. I wonder if anyone actually has ALL of them?

noel 9 said...

I wanted to have a full set of all the 2012 Pins, BUT decided early on that some designs did not match the asking price. Some designs made no sense..... The Pets and the Dogs and the Cats WHY O' WHY !, Others the cost was the factor... much Like the Trees (only available in a set) and don't get me started on the Panto Set. I do not wish to upset anyone.... ( Oh Yes I Do, Oh No he Doesn't !!! ) Anyway I now have that "WONDERFUL" set.... I got it from my Fairy Godfather ! Do I now like it ? No ! I got it because it was cheap and on offer. A bit two faced, but I will get over it. I did get all of the Pins that became hard to find.... I held the Faith and got the pin, St Patrick came out of hiding and the Transgender Pin finally came out of the closet too. And I got The Torch relay set. 74 or is it 75 pins all different but basically the same..... Its only money after all ! Be happy with what you have I say. Some will have more 2012 Pins than You, and at the same time YOU may have a better collection than others. Remember Collecting SHOULD be all about the fun you had doing it at the end of the day..... and also for me the chance to meet some Wonderful people too..... all mainly thanks to Paul and "HIS" London Pins Site.

Sleathy said...

Anyone seen 1807 for saleanywhere please?

Mikeyboy said...

The Greatest Team pin? I've never seen it for sale anywhere!

Sleathy said...

Yes that one! I would very much ;like to acquire that one ....maybe my last 2012 one ...