Monday, 17 December 2012

16/12: Website Updates

A few website updates have been uploaded this weekend. I've tried to work through some of the backlog of photos taken during the Games and also add pages for those sponsors who had not appeared so far.

You will now find pages for the following sponsors...

Jet Set
McCann World Group

There are also some minor updates to the LOCOG Internal list as well as a page dedicated to Torch Relay (Retail and Sponsor) pins.

There are still lots of updates to come but I took some time today to add the new structure. The new pages have some details, but there are still images and details to come.


noel 9 said...

Photographing and recording all of the 70 odd Torch Relay day pins must have been a "FUN" chore. Great Work as usual.

Happy Christmas to you and the Girls.


London Pins said...


I wish I could claim credit for having done that! They were the Honav images. I still need to photograph the actual pins!!

noel 9 said...

your secret is safe with me.