Sunday, 27 January 2013

27/1: EDF Pins - Wording Varieties and Issue Sizes

Thanks to a reader who pointed out that the EDF Union Flag pin (EDF0012) listed on the catalogue comes in two varieties.

Although both pins are EDF0012, the original (top) pin has the wording 'sustainability partner' whilst the subsequent print uses the wording 'official partner'. Notice too, that on the original pin, the logo has a silver border, whereas on the later pin it does not. The backs of the pins are identical other than the original pin seems to have a more defined texture.

Looking back at information from EDF, I noticed that between December 2011 and May 2012, some of the issue sizes increased - this pin being one of them. Originally the issue size was 1,500 but this was increased to 20,500 nearer the Games. Presumably EDF decided to use this for promotional purposes during the Games and had more produced, but with the new wording. 

This is not the only pin in their range that changed the wording and increased in number...

EDF0008 Olympic 1 YTG 1,000 > 1,500
EDF0012 Olympic Union Flag 1,500 > 20,500
EDF0013 Olympic 300 DTG 500 > 1,000
EDF0014 Paralympic 300DTG 1,000 > 1,700
EDF0017 Paralympic 200DTG 600 > 1,300
EDF0018 Paralympic 100 DTG 600 > 1,000
EDF0019 Olympic 200DTG 500 > 1,000
EDF0020 Olympic 100DTG 600 > 1,100
EDF0021 Olympic Games Time 600 > 1,100

I am assuming that all the smaller sizes were produced as 'sustainability partner pins' and all the increases were produced as 'official partner' pins. I also assume that the 'reprints' were to provide enough sock to issue the countdown boxed sets seen during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. I will update the catalogue to reflect the two varieties of each pin and the different issue sizes.

Not only have we seen variations in wording and issue sizes with he EDF countdown pins, but also in the small TM or (R) markings that appear alongside the logo on the pin. To date we have seen variations in pins EDF0014 and EDF0028 where they may use either the TM - Trademark symbol, the (R) - Registered design symbol or no symbol at all.

Thanks to Angela for pointing out the difference which prompted me to investigate further.


wookie said...

The first one was enamelled, whereas the second was printed

Pippin said...

There's no chance of me collecting a full set of EDF pins now!

wookie said...

I traded away all the original pins when I got the boxed sets :(

London Pins said...

Wookie, looking at the 2 EDF0012 pins that I have, both the Union Flag sections are enamelled and both of the letters and logos are printed.

noel 9 said...

Oh Bugger ! Two versions of nearly all pins , just spotted that some of my trades are NOT the same as the ones I have in the collection. Thanks EDF for making collecting your Pins exciting ! (NOT)

BUT on the positive side, I now have some new versions to add back into my collection. The silly thing is it was staring us in the face all along....... the Negative is How Many Pins have I (we all) traded away that I should have kept ? and how many we NOW need to find. Thanks EDF !!! I will leave you with that depressing thought !

wookie said...

I traded away the Ltb and BoS torchBEARER pins by mistake because I thought they were the ordinary ones :(