Thursday, 16 May 2013

16/5: Minor Catalogue Updates

There have been a few minor updates to the catalogue this week...

The EDF varieties, mentioned back in January, still seem to be confusing collectors. My original understanding was that increases in issue sizes for some of the countdown pins, together with the change in wording form 'Sustainability Partner' to 'Official Partner' meant that we would see varieties of the pins mentioned at the time.

Last week a reader had spoken to their EDF contact and was told that not all of the varieties were made. Talking to other collectors, it seems we all have the same gaps in our collection - the 'Sustainability' versions of EDF0017, 18, 19, 20 and 21.

Until we actually see these pins, I have taken them off of the catalogue and have assumed that the issue sizes were made up entirely of 'Official' wording varieties.

My latest theory is that when EDF changed the wording on the pins, their future designs, i.e. the later countdown pins, were updated to reflect the change thereby creating two versions. However, when the pins actually came to be produced, the 'Official' wording change was 'in place' and therefore all the pins were produced with this wording. It's only a theory and not based on any information from EDF. Click here for the EDF page.

Kingdom Sports

A couple of entires from the tickets/hospitality firm. Click here for the catalogue page.


The jigsaw bottle issued by their UK bottling arm of Coke and a set of London 2012 themed (although not branded) pins from the Chinese market. Click here for the Coca-Cola page.

All of these changes have been reflected in the pin trading lists.