Sunday, 10 November 2013

10/11: November Meet Report

We held another pin meet yesterday at the Railway Tavern in Stratford. Despite the bad weather, the turn out was good if not quite as large as port-Games last year. A few key faces could not be there, but there was a steady flow of trades though out the day.

Thanks to Tragars Collectables, everyone there received 2 free Coca-Cola retail pins from a choice of 5 designs and those with children each took again set of Coke bracelets too.

It seems that collectors had been busy since the last meet as we saw a number of new designs which hadn't appeared before from sponsors, media and internal pins.

A few of us discussed a schedule of meets for next year, and the plan is to get together in late March, late July (to coincide with the 2nd Anniversary of London 2012) and then mid-November - an approximate 4-month schedule. Watch this space for new of the next pin meet.

Our thanks to Jan and the team at the Railway Tavern for hosting us free of charge once again.