Friday, 24 January 2014

24/1: Prototype BBC Gold Pin?

A reader has contacted me about a prototype gold pin made by Aminco for the BBC. He was given them during the Games by a BBC employee. He was told they were made for approval but that the eventual pins were made by another manufacturer.

Photo (c) 007bond.jamesbond

The photograph shows the gold prototype alongside a standard white BBC pin for comparison.

Does anyone have any more information about this pin or any confirmation of its authenticity?


Anonymous said...

that story seems feasible mainly because that pin appeared at the pintrading centre in the park BEFORE what we came to know as the 'genuine' version and i cannot see how it could have been a copy on that timescale, short of mystic meg being the manufacturer.
what people should be more aware of is the fake opening ceremony pins being sold on ebay by microwaveablehamster. I was unfortunate enough to buy one and when it arrived, it was bigger in size than the original, its detail was not as crisp, and the back of the pin had a silver finish, whereas the original has a gold finish. if you've bought one from this seller, you might want to think about returning it for a full refund!!!

Mikeyboy said...

The actual BBC logo doesn't look right to me - the top half of the "B" should have a much shorter loop, and the Olympic rings look squashed. If it's genuine then these might be reasons as to why it wasn't used. The colour gold looks to be more in line with the genuine pin (and less yellowy than the known fakes).

Robert Guthrie said...

If I remember correctly, I saw both pins in a photo on a BBC employee's Flickr account. You might come across it in a Google search.