Sunday, 6 April 2014

6/4: Pin Meet - Opening Day on the Olympic Park

Yesterday's pin meet was off with a shaky start thanks to QEOP security staff. I'm not going to say anymore about them or their actions here.

Thankfully, a couple in our group knew members of the QEOP management team and the latter were more than accommodating and were extremely supportive - thank you.

Once we had found a space on the main walkway to the stadium, about a dozen traders turned up.

The footfall at the pitch was quote good with many members of the public coming to take a look. All the trading was between the good unsurprisingly but overall a good day. As always it was great to catch up with collectors.

The Olympic Park looked fantastic - a very good transformation.


noel 9 said...

I indeed enjoyed the day, the "drama" at the beginning was just about as amusing as the lack of any decent gifts in the gift shop at the podium, BUT you cant have everything can you. The weather was kind so we cant really complain. I feel sorry for any pin trader or interested party that saw Paul's notice on the Blog and came looking for some "PIN ACTION" so to speak.... and then could not locate us. BUT rules is rules as they say. Hopefully those of the public that did find us lurking in the undergrowth found our hobby both interesting and a nice reminder of The Summer of 2012 inside the Olympic-Paralympic Park.

Mikeyboy said...

Once again, thanks Paul for organising! And thanks to all for the trades. I'm always surprised when I have a pin that someone is willing to trade for, as I haven't really had any new stuff for a year.

The reaction by security was baffling, and I can only think they had us confused with another party. I'm guessing that someone else had contacted QEOP with a view to selling 2012 merchandise from a stall, or similar, and the request was denied. To some people, of course, the term "trading" might just as easily mean "selling". Some of the staff were very nice though, and I managed to get a QEOP pin from the info desk. Quite why they don't sell them in the gift shop will remain a mystery!

noel 9 said...

I did some smashing trades thanks to Mike, Bill, Tom, Ihab and the other guys. Thanks to Anthony for the 2014 Pin too. Yes is amazing that we can still pick up some "NEW" pins at these great meets. Glad I helped fill a few gaps in some peoples collections as they did with mine. I hope that we can all get together again soon, as I would hate to just dump my "Stock" on EBAY, as this really does little to inspire or excite me anymore. But who knows, I may get around to it soon. I think that our 2012 journey may be near its end, but lets all enjoy the last few miles together soon.