Thursday, 23 October 2014

23/10: Sports Pose Pin - Greco-Roman Wrestling

Scanning eBay this evening, I came across a pin which was rare to say the least during the Games. I think I only know of about 3 or 4 in the hands of collectors.

It's one of the sports pose venue pins - Greco Roman Wresting (1916)

This was one of the pins that seemed to appear at the Olympic Park for one afternoon in 2012 and was never seen again. I always thought that boxes of pins had been hidden at the back of a cupboard during the Games - maybe it was true!

Take a look at Tragars Collectables on eBay if this is one that you need for your collection. I see that the Archery pose in is there too - another rare one.


Mikeyboy said...

I'm pretty sure I've got this one, but now you've got me thinking that I might have missed it! The Tennis pin was one that I don't recall seeing on sale during the Games.

Tom said...

Make sure you check Mike - there were two of these the Greco Roman was only on sale one day in the park.