Monday, 26 October 2015

26/10: New Pride the Lion Team GB Pin Announced

The next in the series of official Team GB pins leading up to Rio 216 has been announced.

This time, Pride the Lion is driving a Christmas sleigh being pulled by Rudolph.

A picture of the artwork is available and the pin will be approximately 48mm x 40mm, so a fairly large pin this time.

Circulation is limited to 500 like the first pin and no word on pricing at the moment. 

I imagine that this pin will be available from the same retailers as the first pin. More details as soon as I have them.


Blogmaster said...

Great to see some great pins coming out for Rio 2016, and nice to see you posting again too Paul!

CoinBazaar said...

Fine-Gifts Nottingham expect delivery of these pins week commencing 23rd November 2015. Available to order now.

dax said...

This looks a great pin, hopefully they will produce a good range especially mascot ones. Hopefully some team GB sponsors will do pins too. Keep up the great work paul

CoinBazaar said...

Pins have now arrived.