Sunday, 3 July 2016

3/7: Pride the Lion Sports Pose Pins

Team GB have released 4 new Pride the Lion sports pose pins. A few weeks ago, the Golf pin was issued, and that is now followed by rugby, athletics, gymnastics and diving.

5 sports pose pins
The pin references are:
  • Golf - TS005
  • Rugby - TS006
  • Athletics (Javelin) - TS009
  • Gymnastics (Pommel Horse) - TS010
  • Diving - TS011
All the pins are limited to 500 pieces and all available now from the regular sources.

There should be a few more designs to follow.


Blogmaster said...

It's a shame that they've gone for a button design - compared to the other pins the quality is not as good.

Also - nothing really to denote that this is a Rio pin, it's the same design as the Pride pins for London (except for Gold and Rugby of course)

rambo_ando said...

I agree with Blogmaster, looks like a bit of a cheap design especially compared to the 100 days and 50 days to go pins and usual quality from London 2012.