Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Is this the mini-logo pin ?

We have heard the rumours about the mini-logo pin and also (probably) seen the 6 logo pins being offered on eBay. Are they one and the same?

I was sceptical about the 6 logo pins on eBay (especially after buying another set of pins from China which were of poor quality and, in my opinion, possibly fake). I was also sceptical because the seller told me the pin numbers were 20 - 25. Why would LOCOG issue the 4 colour logo pins, the Paralympics logo pin and the Union Flag logo pin again with different numbers.

Curiosity got the better of me, the price came down, so I jumped in and bought a set.

They arrived today and on closer investigation I'm impressed. If they're fakes - they're good. The quality of the enamel is spot on, and if you rub your finger over the Union flag pin, you can feel where each colour has been printed - just like the original pins. The most noticeable difference though is the size.

(Click on the picture for a close up view)

As a comparison..

The pin on the left (original)
  • Pin number 11
  • 38 x 25mm
  • Reverse markings - 2012-11, <=100000, (R)(C) LOCOG 2008, Honav
The pin on the right (New addition)
  • Pin number 25
  • 23mm x 20mm
  • Reverse markings - 2012-25, <=20000, (R)(C) LOCOG 2008
Note there's no manufacturer marking on the new pin although it does have the triangular pattern on the back. They came in plastic bags, no backing card - no surprise.
Note, also, that the gaps between the 4 numbers in the logo are not punched through like the originals but filled with a 'frost effect'. Would fakes go to that trouble?
Also, each pin in the new set is marked as an edition size of 20,000. The original 5 pins (4 colours and Paralympics) had no edition size.
So, what do you think we have here - a new set (the numbering is in the correct sequence), the mysterious mini-pins, a set of fakes?
Let us know your opinions.


Tom said...

Sorry but I think they are fakes. Its very hard to verify official pins at the moment without an official shop to compare against! Good work though!

Tom said...

Just had a closer look at the font on London - the smaller pin looks wrong. Can't see an official pin screwing that up.

Paul said...

Tom, good spot on the font - I missed that. I agree with you, I don't think an official pin would miss the distinctive angular nature of the font. So back to my original position before I got them - fakes!

Tom said...

How do you get such good crisp photos of pins - I always struggle. Any pin photography tips would be appreciated!

Anonymous said...

That is most definitely fake.

Why would the manufacturer suddenly leave his name off it?

Plus, the number is 25, which is probably one of those 10 gold ones you were talking about.

Can't wait for them, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Coming from China should provide an answer; I would not touch anything from there. That is where some Americans counterfeit their stuff.