Friday, 15 January 2010

16/1: Different Type of Sponsor Pin

Thanks to a regular reader and also to a fellow collector in Canada, here's news of a new sponsor pin seen recently.

This one is slightly different in that it hasn't been made by Honav under licence from LOCOG.

The back of the pin is marked

36 USC 220506

showing that it's been made by the Vancouver 2010 pin manufacturers.

I presume that as Visa are a worldwide Olympic partner rather than specific to London 2012, they have access to all Games logos and can choose who manufacturers the pin. I guess this one is not commissioned by Visa Europe like the previous ones. I suspect we'll see more of these types of sponsor pins from the Worldwide/Tier 1 partners.

I'm now debating whether this starts a new section of the inventory - I think it does, and I'll start a numbering convention, any ideas?

I'm trying to track down some information on who can use the Olympic Rings, 2012 logo and 'London 2012' on their pins, so will report back if I can.