Monday, 18 January 2010

18/1: eBay Round-Up

Seems like most of the interesting pin activity is happening on eBay at the moment so here's a quick round up.

An Adecco pin (ADE0001) went over the weekend for £51. I think this is the top price paid so far for one of these pins and (someone please let me know if I'm wrong) I think the top price paid so far for a sponsor pin?

The Metropolitan Police Olympic Rings pin that went at New Year possibly came from the traffic division. I'm on the trail of more information to confirm this and will report back if I can. I'm holding back adding this one to the inventory until I get more details.

Finally a new Visa Europe pin has appeared - VSA0009. A rectangular gold pin with the 2012 logo and Visa Worldwide Partner. Again I'm trying to find out more details. I'll add this one to the inventory as it appears genuine.

If you have any news you think should be shared, please drop me a line.


Bryan said...

Did you also notice the Deloitte pin that sold for £42 today? The same seller has now listed another one & a DeLoittes paralympic pin. BUT, check the seller's feedback.

Anonymous said...

British Airways 2012 '1000 days to go' pin here

10% goes to charity i think