Tuesday, 2 November 2010

2/11: Images of Lord Mayor and Christmas Pins

Following on from last week's posts regarding the Lord Mayor's Show and Christmas pins, here are some images of what the pins will look like.

Click on the images to view them at full size.

Update: Take a look at the Lord Mayor's carriage pin. It is in fact 2 pins - the horse and coach are separate. Now look at the logo - it's only on the horse pin. That means the coach pin is a 2012 pin without a logo.

Update 2: An email from the Museum of London issued on 3/11 states that they plan to sell the Lord Mayor's set from 10 November and the price will be £50.


Anonymous said...

not sure what i think of the new pins, personally there have been nicer sets, especially the London Parks, my fav todate

Tom said...

Love some of the Christmas pins. But the coach puzzle piece is amazingly good. Paul - any word on when these go on sale?!

Paul said...

Tom, I understand the Christmas pins will be in the StP shop in a week or so. They are also available for advance order on www.glamourousliving.co.uk with a potential delivery early next week.

As for the Lord Mayor pins, I don't know, but let's hope it'll be for Saturday 13th when the show is on.

Bill said...

Apparently, the Lord Mayor's Show pins will be available from 10th November.

Anonymous said...

The web-site should be www.glamorousliving.co.uk

Bill said...

The Museum of London are taking orders for the Lord Mayors Show pins and are claiming excessive distribution.

They also have the Christmas pins.

Some of you may have received this afternoons mailshot about both of these items.

Bill said...

According to the Museum of London, of the individual Christmas pins the snowflake is available but there is a production problem with the snowmen. This does not affect the boxed sets.