Monday, 8 November 2010

8/11: Mirror Pins & Snowflake Pin

2 new retail pins will be launched on Wednesday (11/11). These pins are 'mirror' pins and show the Games and Paralympic logos. Unlike the previously shiny metal logo pins (LOC0003 & 4), these ones are actually made of mirror I believe. Pins are limited to 10,000 each and the RRP is £6.50.

No word yet on stockists or timescales to get them on the shelf, but as soon as I hear anything I'll update this post.

Hot on the heels of last week's Christmas set, an individual Snowflake pin has appeared today. It's a white snowflake with blue 2012 logo much like pin 45 but in soft enamel rather than metal and gems. Limit on this one is 50,000 I understand. At the moment, the only retailer I know with this one is Pins and Things, but I dare say others will be stocking it.

Update 9/11: The Museum of London is now stocking the Christmas pin


Bill said...

The museum of London are now taking orders for the Christmas pins.

Bill said...

I received my mirror pins today from pins and things.

Paul said...

I too received mine today from Pins and Things.

The pins are 28x31mm, so slightly bigger than the standard logo pins. They appear to be constructed as two parts. The first part is a metal backing plate in the outline shape of the logo which has the actual pin and clasp and the backstamp. Recessed into this 'holder' is the mirror in the shape of the logo with a white coating used to pick out the edges of the numbers and the rings or Agitos. The mirror is covered in a removable plastic film for transit.

cheryl said...

hi there! does anyone know if it's alright to buy these pins from the website below?

Paul said...

Hi Cheryl, Glamorous Living (sometimes you'll see us use the abbreviation GL) are absolutely fine. I've used them a number of times and always found them fast and courteous.

cheryl said...

Hey Paul, thanks for the info. have a great week!