Thursday, 7 March 2013

7/3: Retail & Venue Pin Retailer

Over the last few weeks, we've seen another eBay retailer with some pins that were harder to find during the Games.

Tragars Collectables has been trading for nearly 10 years and for the last 6 months has sold a range of London 2012 pins on eBay. The owner, Gary, is happy to receive any emails for specific retail/venue pins that you may be looking for. The prices on eBay take account of eBay fees, so he hopes to be able to sell at a reduced price off eBay. He has a range of retail and venue pins and plans to add more sets over the next few weeks. He is unable to help out with sponsor/media/NOC pins. Why not contact him to see if he has the pins to fill any gaps in your collections.

He is offering readers of London Pins some special offers...
  • A free pin badge (his choice) with every order
  • A Free Venue & Mascot 3 pin set (Sailing) when you spend £50 on pins
  • Free UK postage when you spend £50 on pins
You can contact him via email or take a look at his store on eBay - Tragars Collectables

As with my previous posts when I mention specific retailers, I take no responsibility for the products or service you receive from them, but can confirm I've made a successful purchase from Tragars. I approached Gary to see what he may be able to offer London Pins readers - hence this blog post.


Pippin said...

It would be interesting to know where Gary is sourcing his pins from. Surely, Honav don't still have stock left?

What has happen to all the pins still not released, or not yet issued in the correct "limited edition" quantities?

Tom said...

I expect many of them were not produced in the limited edition quantities stated on the back. That number indicates the maximum number that honav can make of that design, not how many were produced.

gary said...

Hi For both comments above,
Honav did not sell all of there pins,
there was stockpiles left after the Olympics,
Regarding Limited edition Quantities,
these are all Geiniune pin backs

Thanks for you interest

Gary (tragars collectables)

Anonymous said...

all the pins being sold by this ebayer were on the list i got from the TRP guy a few months ago, so suspect thats where they came from

and also suspect, if he has started replying to emails again, that he would be a far cheaper option!

tragars collectables said...

All the pins we have available are no longer available from TRP,
As we purchased most interesting stock

So again thanks ?
please e-mail


Anonymous said...

Good luck with some of those prices! I shan't be purchasing.

Acer said...

I was not going to purchase any in the first place but some of the prices do seem to be a bit high!

Anonymous said...

that's good to know......."yes we cornered all the stock from TRP, have added 600% to the prices and so you have to buy from us now"

erm, no thanks!

Mikeyboy said...

Archery pin: £3 during the Paralympics from the TRP shop. Now £200! Did I read that right?

Anthony said...

I'm afraid you did. But look on the bright side, you'll be spending over £50 so you'll get free shipping :-)

Mikeyboy said...

I'm pretty sure I've got a BNIP trader somewhere, that I can't give away!

Anonymous said...

Actually I emailed him yesterday and his prices are not as high as on eBay and seem pretty much in line with what some people are charging at the moment. He certainly was much more pleasant to deal with than a few others lately.

Anonymous said...

I have purchased many Venue pin sets from this seller, and i have been very happy with his response, packaging, and help.

Give this person a chance, before you
judge him.

Anonymous said...

it is noted with interest that you didnt mention being happy with the prices. the only thing that has actually been criticised

Anonymous said...

If 90% of the retail pins had been as easy to buy games time we would all have been happy! Manufacturer, middle man and collectors

It seems now they have been passed on down the food chain everyone's selling them although the price has increased