Thursday, 28 February 2013

27/2: Pin Collectors Survey Results

Back at the start of the year, I blogged about a survey for pin collectors.

I'm pleased to say that Anna has now come back to us, as she promised, with the results of the survey. In all 66 people responded and the survey is still open (see the original post to access it).

The results are very interesting (and amusing in places), and I think we can all recognise elements of ourselves in the replies!

Click on the icon below to access the report which is in PDF format. Most computers should be able to open the file, but if not you can download the free software from the Adobe website


wookie said...

quote: I start long rambling excitable stories about the London Olympics to anyone who shows the slightest interest in them, whether they want to listen or not

That has to be Noel :)

Mikeyboy said...

"Largest collection size: several thousands" !!!

Pippin said...

I think that I recognise some of my answers;

Q2. Drawings (construction related).

Q3. Biographies of WWII PoWs.

Q15. 2013 ODA release pins.

By the way, for Q11 and Q12, I'm surprised that 17 out of 66 collectors don't trade pins, and that 36 of them don't talk to other collectors!

noel 9 said...

Not me Wookie old chap, but given half the chance..... Maybe !

wookie said...

Aw, I felt sure that was a Nollyism :)

Anonymous said...

With all due respect I am not surprised that some people chose not to speak to other collectors. As a newcomer I have had such a mixed bag of trying to trade, whilst many people can be welcoming and friendly. Others can be rude and ruthless, which can feel quite intimidating when you are not familiar with the "rules" and uncomfortable in such unfamiliar circumstances. Mostly though I have had pleasant experiences just that when it has been bad it has been really bad. You live and learn and this should not deter any one from taking up pin collecting!