Thursday, 20 June 2013

20/6: Anniversary Games - Pin Trading

For those of you that wanted to take part in the pin trading at the Anniversary Games in July, but did not have event tickets - Good News!!

I've had it confirmed that pin collectors/traders who would like to sign up to take a trading space, but do not have event tickets, WILL be able to get accreditation to the pin trading area and therefore get inside the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

You'll still need event tickets to get into the stadium, but essentially it's the same set up as last year - collectors/traders can get into the park once they are accredited but only to the stadium if they have event tickets.

So, if this news now means you would like to take part in some pin trading on Friday 26th July - Sunday 28th July, then please drop me an email to As well as your name, please let me know what day(s) you would like to attend.

It's not quite the pin meet and picnic we planned, but it will be a fantastic chance for lots of us to get together and relive the summer of London 2012 (well for 3 days!).


noel 9 said...

Great News, I will have to dust off my old pin trading tools and whatnots and get ready for " Olympic Pin Trading part two - The Sequel ! "