Sunday, 9 June 2013

9/6: July Pin Meet - Updated Information

Now that the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (QEOP) have published details about the activities in the park around the weekend of July 26-28th, it looks like the planned 'picnic and pin meet' will not be able to go ahead.

The north park is being opened with the Open East Festival that weekend and as this is a ticketed event, it seems there will be no part of the QEOP open to the non-paying public. This is different to what was implied after the Games.

The stadium area is only accessible to those with tickets for the Anniversary Games, so there's no common area in the park that we can all get to without paying.

I'm waiting to find out if there may be an area within the Anniversary Games site that we can have a pin trading area - as soon as I know more, I'll publish it here.

So, in summary, at the moment, it doesn't seem that we can find a place where everyone can get to easily that is free and still allows each of us to go to the Festival or the Anniversary Games if we have tickets.

Keep an eye on the blog and as soon as I know more, I'll post here. I suppose at the worst, if you're in the area, bring your pins, wear a lanyard to identify yourself and see who you bump into! We may be able to use email and Twitter on the day to arrange a 'flash pin trade' event.

Hopefully, better news soon...


Mikeyboy said...

Bummer. I didn't get tickets for either event :-(

From the sounds of it there's still a fair bit of work going on in the park construction-wise so I guess ticketed events are the best way of managing the crowds. The park isn't supposed to open fully until 2014!

Anonymous said...

Why not have another pin meet at the same place as April's meet (the Railway Tavern pub near the Stratford Centre)? Those that have tickets to the Olympic Park and those that don't can all meet there.

London Pins said...

Anonymous, the doors for the Anniversary Games open at 12pm so I guess most people who have tickets will go there at that time. I think the Open East Festival starts a bit later. I'm lucky enough to have tickets for the Games on Saturday, so I will not be able to organise anything at the pub, but I'm happy to publicise any arrangements others want to make via the blog.