Sunday, 21 July 2013

21/7: Pin Trading at Go Local

A few of us went to the Go Local event in the Olympic Park last Friday. The weather was great and helped to rekindle the memories of last summer. The organisers had given us a great central location in the main arena.

There was lots of interest and a few trades made. Unfortunately, despite the organisers best attempts to publicise the fact we were there using social media, lots of people had not brought their spares with them to trade.

However, it was great to meet lots of people - most of the GamesMakers to have a chat about pins and the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Thanks to Bill for the photos...


noel 9 said...

who is that strange slim Geezer in the GamesMaker top and Funny Hat ? why its Me !!!!!!! Great Day, trading was so so , gave away more than I traded ...but nice to see some of the old gang again.
Here is to next weekend and the Anniversary Games Pin Trading in the Park