Wednesday, 24 July 2013

24/7: Pin Trading at the Anniversary Games

UPDATE 26/7: a busy day at the Olympic Park today. Lots of interest in the pin trading, but once again not many had brought their pins with them. 

Many of the visitors had a chat about pin collecting, and many plan to come again over the weekend. 

So, if you're coming tomorrow, come along and see us in the Spectators Village. 

This week sees athletics return to the Olympic Stadium and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Sainsbury's are hosting the Anniversary Games from Friday 26th until Sunday 28th July.

The organisers have provided a pin trading section in the Spectators' Village, and each day up to 6 pin traders will be there to swap pins with ticket holders.

The pin traders will be in the British Athletics Village marquee within the Spectators' Village. They will be adjacent to the British Athletics merchandise stand.

According to the British Athletics website, the doors open as follows...

4pm on Friday
11am on Saturday
12pm on Sunday

...each day, approximately 3 hours before the sport starts - plenty of time to try some pin trading!

So, if you have tickets to the event this weekend, bring your spare pins with you.

Unfortunately, if you don't have event tickets, then you will not be able to access the pin trading area.

Note, the British Athletics website and the OEQP website links above show different door times!


Pippin said...

Did I miss something? You were trading in the Olympic Park on Wednesday?

Noel9 said...

Good Days on Sat & Sunday a few pins traded, but mostly with other Traders. Again looks like the message that we were at the EVEN trading and WHERE we were located seemed to get missed by lots of the day visitors. The same problem we had a The Go Local Event last week too. One Lady I spoke to had come on all three days this weekend, and only found us by chance on Sunday. Although we had a GOOD location, many of the visitors I spoke to commented that the little info was given out about Pin Trading failed to get noticed. So many came without their Pins and some appeared upset that they could not partake in Games Pin Trading Again and add to their precious collections.

WHEN we do this again, ( And I hope we can again soon) Who ever is dealing with the Event Management could help advertise this for us a little bit better (PLEASE !)
Thanks to all the London Pin Trader who Gave Away Pins Free Pins from their collections to many of the visitors to our tables.....

And Finally, Thanks to Mark for helping up this together, I am glad that all his hard work turned out to be worth while. Here is to the Next Time.

Anonymous said...


We were bitterly disappointed as we tried to find the pin trading and asked many of the staff on duty at the event and no one had a clue.

We spent hours the night before sorting our trade pins too. Please keep up the events and badger the site management again. We will hopefully be back to trade soon!

Jen and James