Wednesday, 12 February 2014

12/2: Team GB Sochi Pin - Official Team Pin

Thanks to a reader 'in the know', I can now share details of the official team pin given to Sochi athletes. Visually, it's almost identical to the retail one mentioned in the previous blog post.

Internal Team GB Pin

Retail Team GB Pin

The main difference between them is the internal pin does not have the excess metal around the rings and 'Sochi 2014'. The rear of the internal pin is marked 'Better Never Stops' just like the London 2012 internal pins issued to the athletes. The internal pin is also a gold colour. I have no information on the manufacturer of either version or issue sizes of each pin.

Many thanks to the reader who got in touch with the details and the image.

UPDATE: The retail pins available from the Team GB shop have the back stamp 'Better Never Stops' and not GBPINS14 as first thought.