Sunday, 9 February 2014

9/2: Team GB Pin for Sochi 2014

For those of you London 2012 collectors who, like me, also collect Team GB pins, you may be interested to know that a new retail pin to support our team in Sochi has just been released.

Image reproduced from Team GB shop website

The pin is available from the Team GB shop (click here for the link) for £5. Whilst it is a retail pin, the style looks identical to the internal pin TGB0004 issued for London 2012. Presumably, the athletes in Sochi have a different design as their 'team pin'.

As far as I know this pin is only available in the gold colour with no silver variety as we saw in London 2012.

The back of this pin is marked GBBPINS14 I believe - the same as the product code shown on the shop website.


Tom said...

Do we know if it is a honav product?