Monday, 23 August 2010

23/8: Mandeville Pins Announced

Honav announced 2 more Mandeville pins which will be released on Sunday as part of the 2 Year To Go milestone for the Paralympic Game. The 2 pins announced today are a 'buckle' or drop pin version and a printed version which both compliment their Wenlock counterparts.

Pin 0239 - Buckle Pin
Pin 0245 - Printed Pin

Both pins are limited to 20,000 and recommended retail is £5 and £4 respectively. They'll both be available from Sunday and should be available from the online shop, the St Pancras shop and the Museum of London.

I think we should also see pin 233 available on Sunday too. This pin is limited to 5,000 and was originally available to LOCOG staff only. The Wenlock version of this pin went on sale to the public at the Olympic 2YTG mark, so there's every reason to expect to see the Mandeville pin available this weekend.