Thursday, 5 August 2010

5/8: New Mascot Pins

I received the 2 latest Wenlock pins today. The first (0238) is a 'dangler'. Wenlock is suspended under a small orange 2012 logo. It's a lovely pin and I like the movement.

The other pin (0244) is the standard Wenlock pose, but rather than using the more traditional pin manufacture techniques, this one is printed (front and back). The pin is much smaller than the norm and, due to the smaller dimensions and method of production, is much lighter than the rest. The back too is printed. The pattern and information box is there, but not engraved. Personally, I hope that we don't see too many of this type of pin as it lacks the substance of the rest of the pins to date. We've seen this type of production with the UPS sponsor pins.

Another thing to notice with this pin is that there is no principal 2012 logo on it. There is one on Wenlock's chest, but it's not that large and distinctive. It's almost as if the mascot is the 'identifier' that indicates London 2012 rather than the logo.

Both of these pins came on a new type of backing card. I'm calling this version 3 in the inventory. Size-wise it's the same as version 2, but now the colouring and styling matches the packaging of other items of merchandise such as the key rings and magnets. Personally I like the new look. Read more about the packaging on the pinbacks page of the website.


ian said...

There is a 3rd pin 232 in the Collectable section of the mascot page on the 2012 Shop page.

ian said...

There was also a sliding pin advertised but no price was added and it was then gone off the site.