Wednesday, 25 August 2010

25/8: Museum of London Stock Update and 'Sold Out' Pins

Museum of London
An update from MoL today. They now have the 6 Countryside pins in-store along with the 4 Winter Flowers and the Paralympic Pride pin. Don't forget there are only 2,012 of the latter, so they are one of the

All of these pins are only available in store and not on the website.
At the time of writing, this is the first retailer to have the Countryside pins.

Sold Out Pins
As collectors, we like to know when a limited edition has sold out, so with Honav's help, I have updated the inventory to show when a pin has been sold out. My definition of this is that Honav have no more stock to supply the retailers. It doesn't mean that one or more retailers may not have the pin on their shelves or in their stockroom, but it does indicate that a pin MAY be harder to find. I'm sure that as we get nearer to the Games some of the limited editions will start to become rarer in the shops.
At the moment, the pins that are sold out are the 3 YTG, 2YTG and the 2 Mascot pins in the boxed set - no surprises really.


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