Sunday, 19 September 2010

19/9: London at Night Set - New Packaging

So, after almost 10 months, the London at Night Set has reappeared with new packaging.

The overall impression is that this one is so much better than before. Whereas before we had a cardboard frame in a cardboard box, this time the pins are presented pined to a black card backboard embossed with 'London at Night'. The board is recessed behind a thin white border into a black wood frame. The back of the frame has mounts for hanging and standing (using two metal posts supplied in the box). The backs of the pins are hidden behind a  black velvet backing card which can be easily removed to gain access to the pin backs. The whole frame is presented in a cardboard display box in black and pink, lined with a centimetre of grey foam for protection. Finally the display box is sold within a white cardboard sleeve to avoid the display box being marked. The display box measures 42 x 17 x 4.5 cm and has gold logos and pin images on the front and back. The frame measures 38.5 x 12.5 x 2 cm (approx).

Pins in Display Box

Front of Display Box

Rear of Display Box

Pins in Frame


MLo said...

i bet the re release another one with revamped packaging 2011...?

Paul said...

MLo, I think this is it for the London at Night set. The revised packaging came about as I THINK they weren't happy with the quality (my opinion - not based on any facts). The pins issued for Beijing were packaged with frames etc, and I think this was what they wanted for London - hence the redesigned packaging.

But, if I'm wrong, feel free to say ' I told you so!' :-)