Wednesday, 22 September 2010

22/9: Springy Pins

I got my 'Moving Mascot' pins today from Pins and Things. This looks to be the first (and at the time of writing, the only) stockist to have these pins at the moment.

The springy pins are better than I expected and the attachment of the mascot to the backing through the spring feels solid. The spring is 'tight' and the mascot stands firm rather than pulling on the spring. I think this has been achieved by keeping the weight of the mascot as light as possible, this in turn has been achieved by printing the mascot rather than using soft enamel. The distance between the backing and the mascot is 5mm.

We've seen sliding pins from Honav before, so I haven't discussed them here - they're still nice pins though!

Here are a couple of images which attempt to show the structure of the pin.

Partial side view

Top view

As an aside, this was the first order I had placed with Pins and Things and can definitely recommend them. Ordering was easy and delivery was next day 'signed for' - all for £1.99. I understand they have some 2 YTG pins left if you're looking for one or two. Check out their website from my links page (along with the other retailers, many of whom I have used).