Wednesday, 1 December 2010

1/12: Guards Pins - New Version

We've seen the Guards pins in a couple of versions, well early next year there's a new combination produced for British Airways. The pin set will include 4 Guard pins together with the Union Flag logo pin (0011).

BA Guards Pin Set

There are some differences in the Guard pins from previous versions.
  • the character/logo colour combinations are new
  • the logo positions have changed in some cases
  • the horse is now brown instead of white
  • the marching soldier pin no longer includes the geometric shape
  • the pins are slightly larger than the older versions
There may be more I haven't spotted, feel free to add comments for anything I've missed. Larger images are available in the inventory, the pins are numbered 0415-0418.

The set will retail exclusively through BA on their inflight magazine's website and on their long and short haul flights. No news on whether the set will go to other retailers eventually.

The set will be available from their website on 3 January 2011 and then on long haul flights from 15th January and short haul flights from 1st March.

No word yet on prices.


Pippin said...

At last, Beefeaters and Coldstream Guards with RED coats!

Acer said...

The Coldstream Guard on the Visa pin has a beautiful red coat.

pinmaster said...

set now online for £30