Sunday, 12 December 2010

12/12: Promotional Event - Tuesday 14th December 2010

Here's some great news for all pin collectors. The London 2012 shop at Paddington station are holding a promotional event on Tuesday 14th December in the afternoon. I understand there will be pin give-aways and there is a rumour that a limited number of an internal pin may be on offer to collectors. Be sure to get the the shop on the upper level of 'The Lawn' at Paddington Station - just above Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

If you manage to get there, please tell them you heard about it from

Please be aware, I'm still waiting on confirmation of an actual time for this event, if I find out before Tuesday afternoon, then I will post whatever information I hear. All information is offered in good faith and I cannot confirm exactly what is on offer. All I can say is that I will be there and think it's worth it.

If anyone feels like bringing some pin trades with them, I'm sure there will be an opportunity for people to swap pins over a coffee.

See you there.

Update 13/12: I've had confirmation that the event will run from 7.30am until 7.30pm


Anonymous said...


I called in the store on Monday morning to see if I could find any further details. They were not 100% clear (they are expecting confirmation later today), however they thought it was a whole day promotional event, with mascots present wandering the station. Goody bags may be given out.



Pippin said...

Paul, see you tomorrow, then, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I called in the store this morning around 8am. Mascots were about to get changed and there were no goody bags available, although they were expecting some. There was a competition via leaflet post in store to win one of 25 small prizes.


Anonymous said...

Not much more by 10am

Acer said...

I hope those of you who put in an effort were at least rewarded with something!

Pippin said...

Nothing when I arrived at 8.15am, and nothing when I went again at 6.00pm. For my second visit, I stayed until 6.45pm chatting to the staff, and they were as disappointed as we were that nobody turned up.

Anonymous said...

If they were surprised nothing happened maybe it's because they didn't plan anything, I would have thought the shop would have at least got visa on board with some pins to trade, not great

Bill said...

I met Pippin at the 'event' and it seemed that the highlight seemed to be watching one of the mascots dancing on the concourse with a commuter!